Reverie and then a sudden change of light.


It’s quite an unusual feeling when your sitting blissfully in a state of reverie and suddenly something just changes.

Reverie is transient and so bittersweet.

I keep noticing far to much lately the irksome moments that pull me from my state of reverie. I will be sitting in class, just mindlessly learning and then a change of light happens.

The mood will change. The room will feel darker and less idyllic. Just because of a sudden change in light.

Just because the blinds have moved slightly because of the wind, or a clouds covered the sun.

Nobody says anything or acts differently.

The light has just change and the calming moods just gone.

Everything feels wrong and disorderly.

The light from outside will cast shadows on someones face or a surface differently. It makes me feel uncomfortable because I felt so relaxed previously.

I’m deceived into thinking its a change in person or moment. It isn’t …it’s just how the light has changed.

I am left wondering and anticipating if the moment will change. Does anyone else notice the change of mood. Will it effect others as much as it is effecting me?

Will anything happen differently than it would of happened seconds before the light changed?


Has anyone ever felt anything like this?

It’s weird to think something as small as a change in light can effect my brain so much. 😀  ❤

I honestly have no idea what this is. A thought?  A rambling feeling?  A story?

I don’t know but I wrote something because what else have I to do right now.





Dear Trust.


Dear Trust…

Your both a wonderful and deadly thing.
You take so much time to build up.
Yet you take so little time to break down.

You can disapear in the blink of an eye but you leave behind a open wound.
You frighten and excite me both at the same time.

You make friendships and yet you break them too.
You break walls and open hearts.

Your dangerous.
If your opened up go the wrong person you can break a heart and ruin a memory.

You build a rising fear inside my chest, leaving me in constant wonder who deserves to get you.

Sometimes I wish you would hurry up and open up, simply whenever I wish.
Other times I am glad you stayed strong and contained.
You have saved me from a lot of pain.

You keep me strong and let me fall.
Both good and bad.

Always keeping me on my toes.
Building barriers high.
I wonder who I can really let have you.
Your mean a lot to me, but I hate the way you can easily hurt me.

Barcelona Adventures #4 :)


We woke up as usual at 6am same routine as the other days but we were slightly less happy because we were sad it was our last day in Barcelona. We all loved the trip so far and didn’t want it to end.

We first of all got the bus to Sant Sebastia beach. It was lovely there we had hours of free time to walk around and look at the church, sit on the sand and listen to the band playing wonderfully music. The general atmosphere at the beach was really chill and lovely. I was in quite a good mood but I didn’t want to go home.

We got ice cream in a ice cream shop while we walked around the little alleys and took photos and shopped. The ice cream I got was pretty good, wish I took a photo it was super vibrant blue and pink swirls. It looked better than it tasted though sadly 🙂

We then went and looked over at the sea from the top of steps of the church (I made my friends walk for ages, when they wanted to just rest. Sorry girls aha, couldn’t waste the last day). Then we  walked to the end of the pier where models were doing photo shoots and we walked along the stones to the furthest out point of land we could see. I of course got my friend to take some cringe worthy photos of myself looking out at the sea. 

We walked up and down for hours on the beach and wrote our names in the sand and drew pictures and then watched the sea wash it all away. (I just love watching the tide come in and out, its so mesmerising.)  We then went back close to the meetup point and watched a orchestra perform and watched the people dance in partners below. It was such a great atmosphere everyone was happy and dancing and tapping away to the music. I could of stood there for hours and I really wanted to dance oddly enough, because I’m not much of the dancer type but I had a strange urge to dance .

We then and waited at the meetup spot for everyone to come back. So many people bought shoes there and sunglasses from the people selling them on towels on the ground. Some of the girls also got braids in their hair. We then got the bus to Las Ramblas. We were let off and we got lunch in burger king (Of course we start with Mcdonalds and finish with burger king).

We then walked up and down the streets trying to avoid the side allyes so we didn’t get too lost. We stopped at each stall along the way and got our final bits of shopping done. Me and my friend walked all the way down to the bottom right down to the sea/pier. We seen some people getting boat tours and seen some people dressed up as statues it was fascinating how they could stand so still. I wouldn’t be able for it. (So glad I hadn’t seen the doctor who episode with the weeping angels before I seen them statue people otherwise of would of been terrified)

We looked around and took photos and laughed and chatted so much along the way. Then we went all the way back up the street and went down another road. We sat at a fountain for a while and got a rest in the sun. Then went and set off down another road of markets which were different. I got a pen and bookmark finally from one of them.  Me and my friend walked our feet off and they were aching by the time we got back on the bus but we had so much fun singing our lungs of and looking around.

We then got the bus to the airport and we checked our bags under the plane for free this time. We also said our final goodbye to Daniel. We  then had plenty of time to look around the airport and get food. We got some sweets for the plane and sat on the floor of the airport after looking in each shop. We waited on the floor near our gate and messed around, their was another school their going to liverpool so their was some banter (Ugh regret using the word banter but feck it.) thrown back and forth between schools. We chatted and then boarded the plane I got to sit with the girls again and on the way home we slept most of the way. I kept hitting my head so I didn’t have the greatest sleep but still got some. We then got home around 1am in Ireland and we our bags and got the bus home to the school. Our parents came to collect us we said our thanks and goodbyes to the teachers. We all went home sleepy and tired. Yet I managed to still stay up till 5am catching up on youtube videos. (Commitment to being a fangirl) It was an amazing and fun experience and I would love to go again anytime I can.

Last updatery post about Barcelona. I had such an amazing time.

If anyone reading this ever gets the chance to go to Barcelona I would definitely recommend. 😀

Thanks for reading xD


Barcelona Adventures #3 :)

Cringe worthy photo of me ..I know but hey I couldn’t resist! 🙂

We woke up again bright and early at 6am and got to see the sunrise. This time we needed all three of us in the room to set an alarm….the tiredness was kicking in. We all got up and got ready for the day ahead. The day we were all most excited for.

I sang songs in the room to wake up the girls a bit more (also to annoy them but pshh, my singing is the best….kidding..I can’t hold a note.) 🙂 . I’m sure they loved my impromptu made up Spanish verses in high school musical songs (My best ‘Spanish’ line being Ola poopoolala) We laughed a lot at my great songs and my made up lyrics then We ate breakfast. But nowhere near as much breakfast was eaten compared to the other days because none of us wanted to see it return after going on a roller-coaster.

We met our new tour guide Daniel. Daniel was just as lovely as Juan and he had the most contagious and unique laugh. We all waited in the lobby area until everyone was ready and then set off in the bus to Portaventura.

We could see the biggest roller coasters from at least a 10 minute away drive!! 😀

We got there and everyone got their tickets and we were all nervous and excited at the same time. We spent the entire day there until 5 and we had a lot of time and we got to go on a lot of roller coasters and rides.

We all just split up into sub groups around the park. I stayed with 3 friends and we had so much fun. We first went off and of course got on the biggest roller-coaster first…The shambala. Smart megan the first roller coaster you’ve ever been on is the biggest one in Europe.

We didn’t even have to line up long and we were on it on no time…partially regretting the choice. We climbed up the rails slowly, hearing the creaks of the bars and the wind blowing gently in our faces. ( I was still surprisingly calm and their was very little wind) The view was amazing you could see miles around all at the same time being sort of scared for the drop ahead . Then suddenly the drop happens and we scream with glee all the way down. It was actually so fun, not bad at all. It didn’t make us feel sick at all, our stomachs didn’t even lift. The rest of the ride was fun my favourite part was the twist at the end. We got off and we were full of pride and smiles.(We did it! I conquered my first ever roller-coaster! 🙂 )

We went back to our other friends and walked around the parks and got on more rides. We next got on the teacups which was by far my favourite ride. My friend made them spin so fast it made us dizzy and ill slightly…who would’ve thought the teacups would be my Favourite ride of all of them. (Not even kidding, It was the best one we went on and made me feel the most sickly :’) We laughed so much on them.

We then went around to each different park from china all the way to mexico and to the wild west. Getting on so many different rides. The El Diablo, Stampida, Carousel, Water rafts and lots more. They were all so much fun and none made us sick. Even after we stopped for cotton candy, icecream, hotdogs and chicken popcorn , We still went on the rides and were fine. We got to experience so much of the parks and had a lot of laughs and breaks along the way. The El diablo was a ride I simply had to go on. I say Diablo way to much just to annoy people and I needed to go on the ride…I loved that ride. It was my favourite roller-coaster of all.

We then looked in gift shops and relaxed in the sun at the meetup point and waited for the others. Daniel was the first back after us so he just sat and talked to us about the roller coasters and stuff he went on and we went on. The biggest roller-coaster got stuck up top for five minutes with people on it! Thank goodness none of us were on it at the time. The park was really beautiful and I got to take some photos, some wont be on my blog but might go onto my instagram 😉

Then eventually everyone else came back and we eventually got the bus to a shopping centre where we were going for bowling and dinner. We got time to shop around for a bit while we waited for the buffet to open. (Make-up shops again with the girls )Then we went in for food. It was the best meal I have ever had…in my entire life…no exaggeration!. There was so much food on offer like almost anything you can think of eg: rice,pasta,pizza,chips,lasagne,chicken nuggets,fillets,sushi,wings and loads more. It was delicious. I was in my element …food heaven. We all sat down and ate.

Daniel sat at the same table as us and talked to us. We taught him some new Irish slang and he spoke in Spanish for us. He was super nice and easy to talk to. Everyone of us loved him and got along with him. He also has a blog called caviarcitric (check it and use English translations!) . We then got dessert. Well most of us…Daniel didn’t he got pizza instead which was also yum. The ice cream was so good we made it ourselves and then choose so many toppings. (I was happy out with all the toppings) We all left with exploding stomachs. 

We then went downstairs to a arcade/bowling alley. We got to bowl for a while. I failed miserably at bowling but it was fun. I managed to get one strike but in the process almost dropped a bowling ball on my foot..thankfully I just stubbed it off the bowling ball rack thing. Daniel was my friends good luck charm, he made her get such good bowls when he was watching but when he wasn’t she didn’t do as well. We laughed alot about that. There was also a worker their and his name was nacho I think?…like what a cool name!!!. Our shoes and clothes..anything that was white glowed it was so cool. We then all got the bus home , sleepy and happy. We then showered,chatted etc then slept…What a great day!:)


Portaventura is so cool! I am definitely going to go back one day. 😀

Have you ever gone? Do you like roller-coasters? 😀 ❤

Heres some other photos from around the parks and I one from the hotel.

Barcelona Adventures #2 :)


We woke up at 6am and got ready bright and early. We had enough time to watch the sunrise and get our hair and makeup done. The view from our window was beautiful to watch the sun rise and set each day. We were surprisingly not grumpy even though we didn’t get too much sleep.

We then all went down for breakfast at 8am. It was a great selection of food from cereal, yoghurt’s, rashers, egg, sausage, rolls to fruits and cakes. It was filling and  delicious (I was in breakfast heaven <3)  it was our main motivator to get ready quicker in the morning.

We then played pool (I suck at pool…Juan tried to show us how to play better but we still failed), table tennis etc while we waited for teachers and everyone to be ready. I also almost got my hand crushed under a pool table -.- but thankfully just got them slightly squished but it still hurt like crap.

  We were meant to get the metro but it was lashing rain. Despite the rain some girls still wore shorts (thankfully I didn’t ,I would of died). Juan got us a bus as a treat just for the way up to the Sagrada Familia ( thank you so much!) We were saved from being completely drenched. We then all ran in the rain to get in but we had to wait in the rain while we got our tickets and bags searched. We did get soaked but not as much as we would of been if we didn’t get the bus. We tried to huddle under a shelter but the it didn’t exactly do much because it was just planks of wood with gaps. All our hoodies got drenched and we had to carry around the wet hoodies inside the building and on the tour.

The Church was amazing. It had such beautiful architecture and it was so detailed. The tour was interesting we had each a headset and an Ipad between three.  We first got introduced in a small room and watched a video of how the building is meant to look when finished. We walked around the museum and the main building and outside and got to do games on the Ipad and watched videos. We sadly were there during a rainy day so we only got to see the lights shine through the windows which made it green but in sunny days and evenings it shines red. The guide was lovely and she talked about Irish movies she liked and asked us about Ireland. We then gave back our headsets and went back to the bus and got dropped off at the metro station.

We then went shopping for a couple of hours in las arenas shopping centre and got some lunch and food to take home to the rooms. We shopped for ages and got new clothes in penneys because the ones we had were soaked from earlier we then finally got tired and sat next to a overpriced icecream stall and chatted with friends. We went back to the accommodation charged up our phones and then  we went back  in town and got some dinner at lovely chinese buffet called Dimsum we had so much food their. The food was delicious I got sushi,prawns,garlic potatoes,chicken and beef chow mein and rice. Then for dessert I got a real watermelon along with sugary watermelon sweets. (Can you tell I love my food) 🙂

We had time to walk around for awhile then took the metro to the Magic Fountain. We spent a couple of hours their and we watched breakdancers and got to walk down and look at the smaller fountains which were beautiful then got to see the magic fountain where a 15min show was on loop the colours were beautiful and their was so many tourists there and people selling stuff. It was a lovely atmosphere and the weather picked up quite a bit. We then got the metro home it was quite a long metro journey to the university from the fountain but it was made fun (We got off at mundet I think it was). Oh and their was also really cool vending machines near the metro it was massive the size of a wall with doughnuts, lighters and so much more random stuff in it. I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get anything from it because I was to paranoid to take out my purse.

Juan took selfies and made us laugh on the way up and on the way back on the metro he beat my highscore on piano tiles by miles and I got pretty competitive trying to beat him again…I still haven’t. We got back and said goodbye and thanks to Juan for being such a wonderful guide (Our Juan and only Juan)…it was his last day guiding us he had other stuff to do back home. Then all went to our rooms and messed around,got showered and chatted for hours until we fell asleep. 


The Sagrada Familia is taking longer to build than the great ancient pyramids and Gaudi was not the original architect of the Sagrada Familia , Paula del Villar first began its works.

Barcelona had a great metro system but they have 12 ones that have been abandoned over the years and they are said to be haunted…So if I ever go back I need to go see these places if possible! 😀 ❤

What would you most like to do if you went to Barcelona?:)

Barcelona Adventures #1 :)


We set off early at 2.30am from the school. We got a bus to Dublin airport. Everyone was surprisingly cheery and happy despite it being so early. We were all excited for the trip even the teachers were happy and awake. 🙂 Everyone chatted and listened to music all they way up. The Bluetooth speaker one of the lads brought was great fun for the trip it made all  bus journeys bearable, blasting good music for the entire trip…Thankfully rock me mama like a wagon wheel was not played on this trip.(I have grown to hate that song thanks to it being played on every trip so far this year) :’)

We drove to the airport and said thanks to the bus driver.  We all had our e11 cards and passports in hand ready to check in. We wheeled our suitcases carry ons around with us and made final checks to make sure our liquids and medicines were in clear bags. (Silly me left them at the bottom of my suitcase in the bag) The teachers all handed out our boarding passes and we got to see where we all were sitting. I got a window seat 26 F .  I switched seats twice like a lot of the class so we could all sit nearer to our friends. I sat with my two friends who were also slightly scared of flying like me. So yay three girls afraid of flying their to support one another. We were flying with Ryan air If only there was more leg room but a well. The flight wasn’t too long but it did get delayed for 45 minutes and we had to sit in our seats for ages before we actually had the chance to take off. During the flight the girls slept but I couldn’t I was far to excited so I listening to music and stared out the window the entire time. I managed to get no anxiety on the plane up and I didn’t even feel sick. I loved looking out at the clouds it was really pretty looking out onto them it was like looking at marshmallows. I loved making shapes out of them some looked like faces. We all helped each other stay calm through the flight and distracted each other during turbulence. I drew a bus for my friend so she could stare at it as a distraction during turbulent parts. We laughed to much at my fabulous art skills. (Their was also an incident where I struggled to make my way out of the window seat in attempts to get to the bathroom. My poor friends got squished 😀 …. Sorry girls )


Once we landed we all took our bags and got off the plane. We met our tour guide Juan. He was extremely lovely and we got along with him so well. He was funny as heck and everyone adored him. We got the bus to the University we stayed at and all got separated into our rooms. We had time to charge up our phones and change before we headed out for our first activity. We went to Olympic Port first. It was such a nice beach. The sun was blazing down on us and I really regretted not changing in to shorts. We got our first lunch their. McDonald’s of course because that’s where everyone goes when you’re in a foreign country (Kidding, We just were so hungry and It was the cheapest and quickest option) We sat outside and ate and then went and sat on the beach and took in the sun. Goodbye Irish cold and Hello Spanish warmth. We walked around in the sun and got snacks and played volleyball on the beach. We watched the tide rush in and back and I ran in and out away from the tide like a four year old despite the sea being pretty dang cold.(Again wearing leggings not shorts…smart megan..very smart)

We then all met back up at the bus and set off for our second activity we went to Camp Nou. The guys were extremely happy and some of the girls. It was surprisingly interesting and cool even for me and I am the furthest person from a sports fan. The stadium was massive and it was packed with people. We eventually got struck with jet-lag and sat and guzzled water in the sun outside for awhile until it was time to meetup again at the bus.


We then all went out for dinner (After a couple of people being late back to the bus, but let’s not get into that :’) ). The first dinner of the trip together. We went to a buffet restaurant called fresco. It had loads of different types of pastas and pizza and veggies and stuff like that. Their was a great selection. I got pasta but silly me didn’t like the sauce on it and it upset my stomach a bit but I didn’t mind I still went out and shopped after with the girls. We went around the entire shopping centre and got random little gifts for friends and family and stuff for ourselves. We bought yet again more water. We drank so much water on the trip we would be human water balloons if possible. We got sweets to bring back to the hotel from a sweet shop and then got the bus home.  While we spent our time in sweet shops some of the guys on the trip got to meet Ant and Dec! They took a selfie with him and all. We laughed and I got to take some photos and talk to some random strangers in shops. Spanish and Catalan is such a cool language. It’s so fast and interesting. I tried to pick up some little words.( Not sure if I remembered them from Dora or picked them up their but nonetheless is Spanish )  🙂

We then all got pretty tired and headed back to hotel after a nice day of catching sun and having fun. I managed to get sunburnt on my shoulders (not too bad though but seriously…it’s so obvious I’m Irish) We all went to our rooms after getting water and some snacks from the vending machines. We all got the wifi codes and caught up on social medias and all being the typical teenagers we are. We chatted until early mornings and went in and out to each others rooms. Then slept for the next day….well slept after continuous hours of giggles and a flooding incident due to me in the shower. 

That was a day one diary of Barca ❤

Lots of fun and memories made:)

I also learnt  that the FC Barcelona museum is the most popular visited museum in Barcelona it attracts thousands of tourists and football fans worldwide each year. That’s pretty interesting! and that their beaches are artificial but are still lovely and beautiful.

Have you ever been to barcelona? What is your fav thing about travelling?



Barcelona Gave Me A Travel Bug…Again.


I have caught the travel bug again. I seem to catch it every time I travel and explore some were new. Whenever I leave the country or even visit some were new inside Ireland I seem to catch this virus.

The travel bug is  not a bag bug. In face  this is actually a good virus. It is extremely contagious and is caught very easily. Anyone can catch it at any time. It is usually caught by people with an extreme love for adventure and exploring (like myself). It’s basically wanderlust but stronger.

Symptoms include:

1) Frantically researching where your going to travel next.

2) Imagining all the other things you could do in the place you just visited.

3) Planning and pricing your next getaway despite your major lack of funds.

4) Staring at world maps for hours lost in a daydream of future travels.

and many more.

Barcelona was such a good trip. I must admit I preferred my school trip to Berlin last year more. Only because I am the type of person who would much rather spend hours walking around a city until their feet ached, taking photos and exploring and learning about the culture and it’s history over chilling in the sun, on a beach and  shopping.

I just came home on Monday night around 3am. I left the Wednesday night at 2.30am. We spent 3 nights and 4 days their and it was so much fun. I got to spend it with lovely people and I got to see the sun for a change. I was so used to Irish weather and it’s rain all the time that I managed to get sunburnt on my shoulders the first day and on my nose and face the last. The worst part of my sun burn was my chest on the last day it was shaped like a whale which was pretty embarrassing. I had a very minor sunburn thankfully because it really wasn’t that hot for over there. I am just your average Irish milk bottle teen who would get sunburnt turning on a lamp.

We did quite a lot of things during the time we had. We stayed at the Agora university and I shared a room with two of my friends. The room was quite lovely. It had a fan which we could control thankfully because otherwise we would of died with the heat. We had a quite comfortable bed with light sheets and a big bathroom and a amazing shower with frigging amazing water pressure.( I stood in the shower for ages each night it was just that amazing) Also our view outside was pretty great. We could see apartments that were jutting out over one another and a skyline of buildings and mountains in the distance. It was the perfect to wake up to to watch the sun set each morning.

So yeah. That’s part of the reason why I have gotten a travel bug. I’m going to write more about the school trip to Barca in other blog posts probably. Maybe a day by day post of what we did. I just wanted to write this for now to share my current update on my travel bug.

I really want to go back or travel somewhere new. There is so much to see and I want to see it all. I got a map in the airport that lets me scratch out what places I have been in the world so far and I adore it. I so far have only Ireland scratched out, Germany and Italy. I need to scratch out some more. First I need to travel more.

The map has some cities in the places I already scratched out visible now so that means I need to go there 😉 Munich, Milan, Bilbao, Madrid and Seville are now on my must travel list because hey! They were scratched out when I marked off some of the country’s I already went to so they need to be travelled too now.

Oh and I managed to keep my anxiety at bay really well. Even on the plane!!!!!. The last plane ride I went on with the school didn’t go down to well but this time I managed to be able to sit with my two friends up and back because we all swapped around seats and I got a window seat so Views yay!.


Are you the type of person who gets the travel bug easily.?

Where would you like to go or travel to ?

Any tips to save to cure my wanderlust? 🙂 🙂 🙂