Barcelona Gave Me A Travel Bug…Again.


I have caught the travel bug again. I seem to catch it every time I travel and explore some were new. Whenever I leave the country or even visit some were new inside Ireland I seem to catch this virus.

The travel bug is  not a bag bug. In face  this is actually a good virus. It is extremely contagious and is caught very easily. Anyone can catch it at any time. It is usually caught by people with an extreme love for adventure and exploring (like myself). It’s basically wanderlust but stronger.

Symptoms include:

1) Frantically researching where your going to travel next.

2) Imagining all the other things you could do in the place you just visited.

3) Planning and pricing your next getaway despite your major lack of funds.

4) Staring at world maps for hours lost in a daydream of future travels.

and many more.

Barcelona was such a good trip. I must admit I preferred my school trip to Berlin last year more. Only because I am the type of person who would much rather spend hours walking around a city until their feet ached, taking photos and exploring and learning about the culture and it’s history over chilling in the sun, on a beach and  shopping.

I just came home on Monday night around 3am. I left the Wednesday night at 2.30am. We spent 3 nights and 4 days their and it was so much fun. I got to spend it with lovely people and I got to see the sun for a change. I was so used to Irish weather and it’s rain all the time that I managed to get sunburnt on my shoulders the first day and on my nose and face the last. The worst part of my sun burn was my chest on the last day it was shaped like a whale which was pretty embarrassing. I had a very minor sunburn thankfully because it really wasn’t that hot for over there. I am just your average Irish milk bottle teen who would get sunburnt turning on a lamp.

We did quite a lot of things during the time we had. We stayed at the Agora university and I shared a room with two of my friends. The room was quite lovely. It had a fan which we could control thankfully because otherwise we would of died with the heat. We had a quite comfortable bed with light sheets and a big bathroom and a amazing shower with frigging amazing water pressure.( I stood in the shower for ages each night it was just that amazing) Also our view outside was pretty great. We could see apartments that were jutting out over one another and a skyline of buildings and mountains in the distance. It was the perfect to wake up to to watch the sun set each morning.

So yeah. That’s part of the reason why I have gotten a travel bug. I’m going to write more about the school trip to Barca in other blog posts probably. Maybe a day by day post of what we did. I just wanted to write this for now to share my current update on my travel bug.

I really want to go back or travel somewhere new. There is so much to see and I want to see it all. I got a map in the airport that lets me scratch out what places I have been in the world so far and I adore it. I so far have only Ireland scratched out, Germany and Italy. I need to scratch out some more. First I need to travel more.

The map has some cities in the places I already scratched out visible now so that means I need to go there 😉 Munich, Milan, Bilbao, Madrid and Seville are now on my must travel list because hey! They were scratched out when I marked off some of the country’s I already went to so they need to be travelled too now.

Oh and I managed to keep my anxiety at bay really well. Even on the plane!!!!!. The last plane ride I went on with the school didn’t go down to well but this time I managed to be able to sit with my two friends up and back because we all swapped around seats and I got a window seat so Views yay!.


Are you the type of person who gets the travel bug easily.?

Where would you like to go or travel to ?

Any tips to save to cure my wanderlust? 🙂 🙂 🙂




16 thoughts on “Barcelona Gave Me A Travel Bug…Again.

  1. I was meant to go to Barcelona this year but it got cancelled 😦
    I’ve definitely got the travel buy.
    I would like to travel to Australia or maybe something a little different than boring old England.
    Btw: I loved this blog post, it was really creative 🙂

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    1. Awh thats a shame D: hopefully you can go another time. Ahaha yay travel bug is great lol, omg australia would be such a cool place to go..ah sure england is fun lucky your not in irelamd 😂 thank you so much

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  2. The worst time I got the travel bug was winter 2012 I believe. It had been a couple years since last traveling, and I wanted badly to be somewhere. I hope you had a nice time in Barcelona, and can feed your travel bug!


  3. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Barcelona is beautiful. Oh, and you have to go to Munich. It’s one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. And don’t forget Paris. The Eiffel Tower at night… :))

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