Barcelona Adventures #4 :)


We woke up as usual at 6am same routine as the other days but we were slightly less happy because we were sad it was our last day in Barcelona. We all loved the trip so far and didn’t want it to end.

We first of all got the bus to Sant Sebastia beach. It was lovely there we had hours of free time to walk around and look at the church, sit on the sand and listen to the band playing wonderfully music. The general atmosphere at the beach was really chill and lovely. I was in quite a good mood but I didn’t want to go home.

We got ice cream in a ice cream shop while we walked around the little alleys and took photos and shopped. The ice cream I got was pretty good, wish I took a photo it was super vibrant blue and pink swirls. It looked better than it tasted though sadly 🙂

We then went and looked over at the sea from the top of steps of the church (I made my friends walk for ages, when they wanted to just rest. Sorry girls aha, couldn’t waste the last day). Then we  walked to the end of the pier where models were doing photo shoots and we walked along the stones to the furthest out point of land we could see. I of course got my friend to take some cringe worthy photos of myself looking out at the sea. 

We walked up and down for hours on the beach and wrote our names in the sand and drew pictures and then watched the sea wash it all away. (I just love watching the tide come in and out, its so mesmerising.)  We then went back close to the meetup point and watched a orchestra perform and watched the people dance in partners below. It was such a great atmosphere everyone was happy and dancing and tapping away to the music. I could of stood there for hours and I really wanted to dance oddly enough, because I’m not much of the dancer type but I had a strange urge to dance .

We then and waited at the meetup spot for everyone to come back. So many people bought shoes there and sunglasses from the people selling them on towels on the ground. Some of the girls also got braids in their hair. We then got the bus to Las Ramblas. We were let off and we got lunch in burger king (Of course we start with Mcdonalds and finish with burger king).

We then walked up and down the streets trying to avoid the side allyes so we didn’t get too lost. We stopped at each stall along the way and got our final bits of shopping done. Me and my friend walked all the way down to the bottom right down to the sea/pier. We seen some people getting boat tours and seen some people dressed up as statues it was fascinating how they could stand so still. I wouldn’t be able for it. (So glad I hadn’t seen the doctor who episode with the weeping angels before I seen them statue people otherwise of would of been terrified)

We looked around and took photos and laughed and chatted so much along the way. Then we went all the way back up the street and went down another road. We sat at a fountain for a while and got a rest in the sun. Then went and set off down another road of markets which were different. I got a pen and bookmark finally from one of them.  Me and my friend walked our feet off and they were aching by the time we got back on the bus but we had so much fun singing our lungs of and looking around.

We then got the bus to the airport and we checked our bags under the plane for free this time. We also said our final goodbye to Daniel. We  then had plenty of time to look around the airport and get food. We got some sweets for the plane and sat on the floor of the airport after looking in each shop. We waited on the floor near our gate and messed around, their was another school their going to liverpool so their was some banter (Ugh regret using the word banter but feck it.) thrown back and forth between schools. We chatted and then boarded the plane I got to sit with the girls again and on the way home we slept most of the way. I kept hitting my head so I didn’t have the greatest sleep but still got some. We then got home around 1am in Ireland and we our bags and got the bus home to the school. Our parents came to collect us we said our thanks and goodbyes to the teachers. We all went home sleepy and tired. Yet I managed to still stay up till 5am catching up on youtube videos. (Commitment to being a fangirl) It was an amazing and fun experience and I would love to go again anytime I can.

Last updatery post about Barcelona. I had such an amazing time.

If anyone reading this ever gets the chance to go to Barcelona I would definitely recommend. 😀

Thanks for reading xD



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