Barcelona Adventures #3 :)

Cringe worthy photo of me ..I know but hey I couldn’t resist! 🙂

We woke up again bright and early at 6am and got to see the sunrise. This time we needed all three of us in the room to set an alarm….the tiredness was kicking in. We all got up and got ready for the day ahead. The day we were all most excited for.

I sang songs in the room to wake up the girls a bit more (also to annoy them but pshh, my singing is the best….kidding..I can’t hold a note.) 🙂 . I’m sure they loved my impromptu made up Spanish verses in high school musical songs (My best ‘Spanish’ line being Ola poopoolala) We laughed a lot at my great songs and my made up lyrics then We ate breakfast. But nowhere near as much breakfast was eaten compared to the other days because none of us wanted to see it return after going on a roller-coaster.

We met our new tour guide Daniel. Daniel was just as lovely as Juan and he had the most contagious and unique laugh. We all waited in the lobby area until everyone was ready and then set off in the bus to Portaventura.

We could see the biggest roller coasters from at least a 10 minute away drive!! 😀

We got there and everyone got their tickets and we were all nervous and excited at the same time. We spent the entire day there until 5 and we had a lot of time and we got to go on a lot of roller coasters and rides.

We all just split up into sub groups around the park. I stayed with 3 friends and we had so much fun. We first went off and of course got on the biggest roller-coaster first…The shambala. Smart megan the first roller coaster you’ve ever been on is the biggest one in Europe.

We didn’t even have to line up long and we were on it on no time…partially regretting the choice. We climbed up the rails slowly, hearing the creaks of the bars and the wind blowing gently in our faces. ( I was still surprisingly calm and their was very little wind) The view was amazing you could see miles around all at the same time being sort of scared for the drop ahead . Then suddenly the drop happens and we scream with glee all the way down. It was actually so fun, not bad at all. It didn’t make us feel sick at all, our stomachs didn’t even lift. The rest of the ride was fun my favourite part was the twist at the end. We got off and we were full of pride and smiles.(We did it! I conquered my first ever roller-coaster! 🙂 )

We went back to our other friends and walked around the parks and got on more rides. We next got on the teacups which was by far my favourite ride. My friend made them spin so fast it made us dizzy and ill slightly…who would’ve thought the teacups would be my Favourite ride of all of them. (Not even kidding, It was the best one we went on and made me feel the most sickly :’) We laughed so much on them.

We then went around to each different park from china all the way to mexico and to the wild west. Getting on so many different rides. The El Diablo, Stampida, Carousel, Water rafts and lots more. They were all so much fun and none made us sick. Even after we stopped for cotton candy, icecream, hotdogs and chicken popcorn , We still went on the rides and were fine. We got to experience so much of the parks and had a lot of laughs and breaks along the way. The El diablo was a ride I simply had to go on. I say Diablo way to much just to annoy people and I needed to go on the ride…I loved that ride. It was my favourite roller-coaster of all.

We then looked in gift shops and relaxed in the sun at the meetup point and waited for the others. Daniel was the first back after us so he just sat and talked to us about the roller coasters and stuff he went on and we went on. The biggest roller-coaster got stuck up top for five minutes with people on it! Thank goodness none of us were on it at the time. The park was really beautiful and I got to take some photos, some wont be on my blog but might go onto my instagram 😉

Then eventually everyone else came back and we eventually got the bus to a shopping centre where we were going for bowling and dinner. We got time to shop around for a bit while we waited for the buffet to open. (Make-up shops again with the girls )Then we went in for food. It was the best meal I have ever had…in my entire life…no exaggeration!. There was so much food on offer like almost anything you can think of eg: rice,pasta,pizza,chips,lasagne,chicken nuggets,fillets,sushi,wings and loads more. It was delicious. I was in my element …food heaven. We all sat down and ate.

Daniel sat at the same table as us and talked to us. We taught him some new Irish slang and he spoke in Spanish for us. He was super nice and easy to talk to. Everyone of us loved him and got along with him. He also has a blog called caviarcitric (check it and use English translations!) . We then got dessert. Well most of us…Daniel didn’t he got pizza instead which was also yum. The ice cream was so good we made it ourselves and then choose so many toppings. (I was happy out with all the toppings) We all left with exploding stomachs. 

We then went downstairs to a arcade/bowling alley. We got to bowl for a while. I failed miserably at bowling but it was fun. I managed to get one strike but in the process almost dropped a bowling ball on my foot..thankfully I just stubbed it off the bowling ball rack thing. Daniel was my friends good luck charm, he made her get such good bowls when he was watching but when he wasn’t she didn’t do as well. We laughed alot about that. There was also a worker their and his name was nacho I think?…like what a cool name!!!. Our shoes and clothes..anything that was white glowed it was so cool. We then all got the bus home , sleepy and happy. We then showered,chatted etc then slept…What a great day!:)


Portaventura is so cool! I am definitely going to go back one day. 😀

Have you ever gone? Do you like roller-coasters? 😀 ❤

Heres some other photos from around the parks and I one from the hotel.


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