Dear Trust.


Dear Trust…

Your both a wonderful and deadly thing.
You take so much time to build up.
Yet you take so little time to break down.

You can disapear in the blink of an eye but you leave behind a open wound.
You frighten and excite me both at the same time.

You make friendships and yet you break them too.
You break walls and open hearts.

Your dangerous.
If your opened up go the wrong person you can break a heart and ruin a memory.

You build a rising fear inside my chest, leaving me in constant wonder who deserves to get you.

Sometimes I wish you would hurry up and open up, simply whenever I wish.
Other times I am glad you stayed strong and contained.
You have saved me from a lot of pain.

You keep me strong and let me fall.
Both good and bad.

Always keeping me on my toes.
Building barriers high.
I wonder who I can really let have you.
Your mean a lot to me, but I hate the way you can easily hurt me.