Barcelona Adventures #1 :)


We set off early at 2.30am from the school. We got a bus to Dublin airport. Everyone was surprisingly cheery and happy despite it being so early. We were all excited for the trip even the teachers were happy and awake. 🙂 Everyone chatted and listened to music all they way up. The Bluetooth speaker one of the lads brought was great fun for the trip it made all  bus journeys bearable, blasting good music for the entire trip…Thankfully rock me mama like a wagon wheel was not played on this trip.(I have grown to hate that song thanks to it being played on every trip so far this year) :’)

We drove to the airport and said thanks to the bus driver.  We all had our e11 cards and passports in hand ready to check in. We wheeled our suitcases carry ons around with us and made final checks to make sure our liquids and medicines were in clear bags. (Silly me left them at the bottom of my suitcase in the bag) The teachers all handed out our boarding passes and we got to see where we all were sitting. I got a window seat 26 F .  I switched seats twice like a lot of the class so we could all sit nearer to our friends. I sat with my two friends who were also slightly scared of flying like me. So yay three girls afraid of flying their to support one another. We were flying with Ryan air If only there was more leg room but a well. The flight wasn’t too long but it did get delayed for 45 minutes and we had to sit in our seats for ages before we actually had the chance to take off. During the flight the girls slept but I couldn’t I was far to excited so I listening to music and stared out the window the entire time. I managed to get no anxiety on the plane up and I didn’t even feel sick. I loved looking out at the clouds it was really pretty looking out onto them it was like looking at marshmallows. I loved making shapes out of them some looked like faces. We all helped each other stay calm through the flight and distracted each other during turbulence. I drew a bus for my friend so she could stare at it as a distraction during turbulent parts. We laughed to much at my fabulous art skills. (Their was also an incident where I struggled to make my way out of the window seat in attempts to get to the bathroom. My poor friends got squished 😀 …. Sorry girls )


Once we landed we all took our bags and got off the plane. We met our tour guide Juan. He was extremely lovely and we got along with him so well. He was funny as heck and everyone adored him. We got the bus to the University we stayed at and all got separated into our rooms. We had time to charge up our phones and change before we headed out for our first activity. We went to Olympic Port first. It was such a nice beach. The sun was blazing down on us and I really regretted not changing in to shorts. We got our first lunch their. McDonald’s of course because that’s where everyone goes when you’re in a foreign country (Kidding, We just were so hungry and It was the cheapest and quickest option) We sat outside and ate and then went and sat on the beach and took in the sun. Goodbye Irish cold and Hello Spanish warmth. We walked around in the sun and got snacks and played volleyball on the beach. We watched the tide rush in and back and I ran in and out away from the tide like a four year old despite the sea being pretty dang cold.(Again wearing leggings not shorts…smart megan..very smart)

We then all met back up at the bus and set off for our second activity we went to Camp Nou. The guys were extremely happy and some of the girls. It was surprisingly interesting and cool even for me and I am the furthest person from a sports fan. The stadium was massive and it was packed with people. We eventually got struck with jet-lag and sat and guzzled water in the sun outside for awhile until it was time to meetup again at the bus.


We then all went out for dinner (After a couple of people being late back to the bus, but let’s not get into that :’) ). The first dinner of the trip together. We went to a buffet restaurant called fresco. It had loads of different types of pastas and pizza and veggies and stuff like that. Their was a great selection. I got pasta but silly me didn’t like the sauce on it and it upset my stomach a bit but I didn’t mind I still went out and shopped after with the girls. We went around the entire shopping centre and got random little gifts for friends and family and stuff for ourselves. We bought yet again more water. We drank so much water on the trip we would be human water balloons if possible. We got sweets to bring back to the hotel from a sweet shop and then got the bus home.  While we spent our time in sweet shops some of the guys on the trip got to meet Ant and Dec! They took a selfie with him and all. We laughed and I got to take some photos and talk to some random strangers in shops. Spanish and Catalan is such a cool language. It’s so fast and interesting. I tried to pick up some little words.( Not sure if I remembered them from Dora or picked them up their but nonetheless is Spanish )  🙂

We then all got pretty tired and headed back to hotel after a nice day of catching sun and having fun. I managed to get sunburnt on my shoulders (not too bad though but seriously…it’s so obvious I’m Irish) We all went to our rooms after getting water and some snacks from the vending machines. We all got the wifi codes and caught up on social medias and all being the typical teenagers we are. We chatted until early mornings and went in and out to each others rooms. Then slept for the next day….well slept after continuous hours of giggles and a flooding incident due to me in the shower. 

That was a day one diary of Barca ❤

Lots of fun and memories made:)

I also learnt  that the FC Barcelona museum is the most popular visited museum in Barcelona it attracts thousands of tourists and football fans worldwide each year. That’s pretty interesting! and that their beaches are artificial but are still lovely and beautiful.

Have you ever been to barcelona? What is your fav thing about travelling?




4 thoughts on “Barcelona Adventures #1 :)

  1. Sounds like you had a cool trip! I see shapes in clouds, too 🙂 It’s cool you have these facts at the end of your post. Keep doing that 😉
    Yes, I’ve been to Barcelona some years ago. What I like about traveling is observing people to see how they behave differently (or not), e.g. Parisian drivers 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I did indeed😊 yay aha!

      Thanks aha, Ill try aha Im not that great with facts😂 awesome! Ah yes I love that too! Aha I just youtubed them drivers its crazy! Id be knocked down in a minute😂

      Liked by 1 person

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