Dear Anxiety.




Anxiety your such a pest, Constantly lingering inside.
Even though I know in the end everything will be fine
You’re a bubble of worry and doubt , trapped in my mind.
You make me think everything wont turn out fine.
Even left alone with my thoughts you still arise.
It’s scary the control you have over me.
All the things I just can’t do, because of you.
I can’t go to the shop and pay for my food, or answer the door in fear of you.
You stop me from having fun and going places with my friends, because
the stupid pain you cause me never seems to end.
It’s silly, I know.
I want to be a explorer and travel the world.
But how’s that going to happen when I’m scared trapped in my own little world.

Here’s a random poem that isn’t great. I wrote it awhile ago in school for an inspireland class thing. I needed to post something and I am way to lazy to do something new today so here this is 🙂


13 thoughts on “Dear Anxiety.

  1. Today, this poem just relates considering today i had a slight meltdown aka anxiety attack. I love how you want to travel however the anxiety keeps you in a tiny world. That’s how i feel kind of. I might need to trade within my own tiny world…. 🙂 (sorry this comment is so long lol)

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  2. I remember feeling like this 6 years ago. It really did affect my decisions after college. I was scared of traveling, getting my Masters, doing peace corps or even americorps, so many things. But now I haven’t had any panic attacks since and live pretty freely. I wrote a blog post about this actually. (I have another blog!)

    It’s a little long but the paragraph where it starts with 2009 is where I talk about my anxiety experience as well as how I felt it made me into a better person.

    Thanks for writing!

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    1. Awh wow, Im glad to hear you overcame it so much and dont really get them anymore! Hopefully I wil be the same doemday:”) thank you for the comment ill be sure to check out your blog tysm!

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