Barcelona and Summer In The City!

Coutdown!! ❤

Going to do another update type post because why not.

So I’m flying out to Barcelona on the 31st with my school. I have been abroad with school before and It was honestly one of the most amazing times I have ever had but yet again I am nervous as heck. I haven’t as many friends going this time so that adds to my anxiety and We are only aloud bring carry on bags of 10kg….and last time I packed like triple that. I am both nervous and excited at the same time.

We are going to Port Ventura and I really can’t wait …I have never ever ever been on a roller-coaster in my life. I am excited to go on the Dragon Khan and Shampala. The biggest ones in Europe. Great way to start my roller-coaster experience of right?. I’m worried I will chicken out. Also worried about my glasses falling of , pretty blind without them and I don’t own contacts…so hopefully gravity keeps them on or something….but trying to just focus on the positive fact that I am so lucky to get to have the chance to go on this trip.

Any readers ever gone to Barcelona? What did you do and any tips? 🙂

Also this summer I am going to Summer in the city!!! Like wow. I am so excited but yet again nervous. I’m going to London for the first time ever. With my mum and best friend…BONUS!.  We are going from Friday to Monday the weekend of SITC. We got tickets for the weekend minus creator day. So two whole days of fun possibly meeting my YouTube Idols ❤ The fan girl feels and craziness will be real multiplied by two. Sadly we won’t be going to see any of the huge touristy parts of London nearer to the city. But we might get to go to brick lane and the cereal killer cafe. Which my friends been to before and adored. So extra excitement.

I am so lucky and grateful to be getting to experience both of these wonderful holidays. Hoping my anxiety buggers off for the couple of days I will be doing both these things so I can enjoy it to the max. 🙂

Any tips for going to conventions?

Anyone else going to SITC? 🙂


St Patrick’s Day was eventful.


I’m back again. How’s everyone? 🙂

I keep putting of making blog posts when I have the time. I end up watching endless hours of youtube videos or listening to the same songs on repeat.

But hey, heres a quick update of how my Paddys day went.

Okay so If you don’t already know I am Irish. So on Thursday it was St Patricks day. NOT SAINT PATTYS DAY!. I had possibly the best paddys day so far. I was up pretty early and got ready for the day. Then a couple of friends and I went out and walked in the parade.

We dressed up in big mascot costumes. We were those life size mascots walking around in the parade. I was the minion. My friends were mickey mouse, minnie mouse and hello kitty. It was a surprisingly good day. Despite being so hot in the suit and almost feeling as if I was going to suffocate a couple times.

My friends costumes had heads they could take off easily. Mine was a full body suit where I could not take of the head to breath. I could see the least of the lot. I had to hold my friends hand the entire time just so I could make my way along with the parade.

I was poked several times by flags in the bum by the kids walking behind us. I was also hugged a lot by little kids which was adorable. I high fived and waved at them all going down the main street. Also my minion dungarees kept falling down. The poor children had to see a flash of naked minion body a few times. (scarred for life)

Kids can be crazy rude but funny at the same time. While being poked in the bum several times and pushed about a bit. There was also the odd kids shouting ‘Your not real’ and ‘Minions aren’t girls’ at me. :’) Eh-hem…I pretty much proved a minion can be a girl 😛  My friends also got some nasty comments thrown at them and were poked in the bum by little boys. Such as one kid who shouted at my friend in the hello kitty costume ‘Are you really that desperate for money, I can see your hair at the back off the suit’. Rude much :’)

None the less it was amazing paddys day and The first time I really enjoyed walking in the parade. After we done the march we got to stop and take a breather. Then we put the suits back on and walked back to a car to get our clothes and shoes. We stopped quite a bit to take photos with kiddys and adults along the way. We gave the suits back and then time to enjoy the rest of the day.

We went through the town and met up with a couple more friends. We went to the carnival and got on the terminator and the bumper cars. I slayed in the bumper cars…watch out I am a bumper car queen. After the rides we were all hungry so we took bathroom breaks and got ice cream from an ice cream van. I got a Knickerbockerglory which was to die for ❤ We walked through the town and messed about the rest of the evening. It got pretty cold out and we had to run on the spot for warmth. We got pizza, udon ,chips and sweetys and sat outside in the cold eating them which was oddly enjoyable….the food took longer than expected to get because of how packed ever were was. Had a lot of laughs during the night despite freezing our bums off.

Sooooo  St Patricks day in the end was a pretty damn good one.


I hope everyone had a great day!:)

Bye again 😛

How did you celebrate the day? If you don’t celebrate it what did you do ?

New but not so new.


A thrilling Vacuum noise whirred in Violets ears and suddenly she was sucked in by a huge tornado like wind. The room was spinning and the flyers from the walls were shooting around the room like the golden snitch in a game of quidditch Violet was abruptly pulled shoulders first by an invisible wind in through the glistening dance hall mirror.

She looked around her new surroundings. She was was dazed and confused. It was completely crazy it still looked like an ordinary world. It looked like she was still in the town dance hall, where she was practising for her dance audition to get into Lockthorn Dance Academy.

The only difference was that this new world she had seemed to enter had a different colour scheme. The bright colours of the dance hall stage and lights were overly vibrant and colourful. It hurt her eyes to focus on one bright thing for too long. Then there was the dark shadows in the corner of the room and in the shade. The shaded places in the everyday world seemed way darker. They seemed to be more eerie and ominous. It felt like it was a darkness you would find yourself getting lost in and attached to if you stayed in the shadows for too long. She pressed at the mirror. Trying to feel a way back through. No chance. It was solid. She was stuck here, but was that necessarily a bad thing?.

A couple of minutes passed as she stood taking in her surroundings. She felt oddly intrigued and extremely curious about this new, yet not so new world.  She was completely fine with being ripped apart from her real world. This new world gave her some hope for adventure and fulfilment. She thought maybe, just maybe this could be her chance to get away from the crumbling world she has to call a reality. Where amidst all the troubles she had back there  juggling between family problems, friend problems, relationship troubles and just general life struggles. She was now here. In a different world. Sort of like an alternate reality. Away from it all.

She finally had enough of looking around just the dance hall, she decided to take a stroll to familiar place. Home. Was it really still her home? Could it be her new home?. In this world It might even be inhabited by aliens, life size troll dolls or absolutely anything. After all she did get sucked up through a mirror like a piece of apple pie on her grandma’s kitchen floor. So pretty much anything could be possible at this rate she thought.

She took the same route as she usually would to her house through the joggers green. It was a huge stretch of field that led right up to the back of her house. It was called joggers green because it was always full of people jogging. Never sprinting or walking just people jogging around in the mornings and evenings to get some daily exercise. Back home she used to be the only one who walked in it, only because she only passed through get to her house and boy did she get some looks.

It was different in this world. Violet was not the only one walking. There was so many people walking…well more like hopping merrily along their way with creepy, cheery grins spreading across their face. The grass was more green than ever. It was fresher and healthier than usual. Everything and everyone seemed more merry. It felt nice for a change to see people being so happy. It was a refreshing feeling walking through the green for a change. Usually she would walk feeling dragged down by anchor of worry but today was different.

She then noticed the people walking around the further edges of the green. The parts that were shaded by the towering oak trees. The shaded area of the green that caught her attention snapped her out of the bubble of happiness she was in and gave her an uneasy feeling that made her gut clench. Violet watched the people in the shade. They were dragging their feet along in a slow tortoise pace. They walked heads hung low, like a crowd of frowning drones. She picked up her pace to a speed walk. The people around her still smiley and happy no longer kept her attention. She continuously stared at the edges of frowning drones along the sides  of the green. She reached her house and shook her gaze from the dullness that had captivated her.

She felt uneasy but part of her wondered if it was because of the people in the shade seeming so down, where they making her worry that this world wasn’t as good as it seemed to be or could it be how overly happy the people seemed in the light. She always wondered was it possible to find complete happiness and was it possible to be able to smile so much. She stood at her doorstep and opened the door slowly, it wasn’t time to worry yet. She just got here and she wanted to see what this world was like. Was it another reality. Could this be her new home?, maybe it’s something completely different and she knew nobody here.

She took a step into her hallway. It was the exact same décor just the colours of course were a different shade. She stayed quiet and peeped around downstairs. She spotted her dad lounging on the couch, feet stretched out on the recliner, cup of tea and newspaper in hand as usual. It made her slightly annoyed. Different world and yet her dad still sat on the couch all day just as before doing nothing. She slid across the hall to the kitchen and peeped in to see her mother and baby sister Libby drawing at the table, laughing and giggling with a dinner cooking behind in the oven, just as they usually would. Maybe this world wasn’t so different after all.

Violet tiptoed up the stairs and turned the handle to her bedroom door.                    ‘DAD GO AWAY, I’M STUDYING!’ She jumped back as the door was slammed shut in her face. She jumped back in shock. What. Uh oh. That was her voice. There was already a version of her here. What was she thinking. She wouldn’t be this lucky to get to come to a new world, a better world and expect to just fit into her own place again in the world.

She slid downstairs and back out the door. She ran to the rock and the end of her garden hidden under the shade of a willow tree , she uses to hide behind when she needs to think. She sat in the darkness of the rock and felt odd. Being in the shade instead of being out in the light made her uneasy. She sat there hunched up in her thinking position, arms up holding her head. Maybe this was a good thing that there was already a version of her here. This could be her chance to be fully away from everything and to explore this intriguing new world.  She could start a new life. She began to grin. The only problem was avoiding her family, friends and well…herself.

She snapped her head up when she heard a noise. It was her friend Luna. Luna stood over her staring in shock. ‘WHY ARE YOU IN THE SHADE SMILING! You know that’s against the council rules. If they sense you smiling in a dark place you will be punished!…..and you know how cruel the punishments are getting’. Violet was confused and her smile dropped from her face. She was caught. She made a quick decision  to play along and not let on of what had happened and where she came from. She stood up and stepped over into the light and smiled ‘Yeah, sorry Luna, You’re right. I wasn’t thinking, what was I doing smiling in the dark’.

Luna shrugged and gave her a funny look. ‘Let’s just get to studying’. Violet was relieved she believed her. She didn’t suspect anything weird. Violet lied and excused herself to the bathroom and ran from the house and garden as fast as she could.

She sat at a random bench in a quiet part of the green. She now knew she didn’t want to be part of this world. There was no way she could fit in here. She wouldn’t be able to keep up the act of being happy all the time in light or keep up an act of being down in the dark. She was back to all the curious questions again this time filled with  dread and worry.

Who where the council?. Why can’t I smile in the dark?. Why is their so much light and dark?. What on earth could these punishments be for breaking the rules?. Where was she?. Was this place as good as she hoped it would be?. How was she going to get home?……


Here is a random short story. I wrote parts of it before in school for creative writing class and decided to add a bit to it now cause why not.

It was from a writing prompt our teacher gave us ‘It was completely crazy but it still looked like an ordinary world’.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 🙂

Another random post, just so I do post something.