Barcelona Adventures #2 :)


We woke up at 6am and got ready bright and early. We had enough time to watch the sunrise and get our hair and makeup done. The view from our window was beautiful to watch the sun rise and set each day. We were surprisingly not grumpy even though we didn’t get too much sleep.

We then all went down for breakfast at 8am. It was a great selection of food from cereal, yoghurt’s, rashers, egg, sausage, rolls to fruits and cakes. It was filling and  delicious (I was in breakfast heaven <3)  it was our main motivator to get ready quicker in the morning.

We then played pool (I suck at pool…Juan tried to show us how to play better but we still failed), table tennis etc while we waited for teachers and everyone to be ready. I also almost got my hand crushed under a pool table -.- but thankfully just got them slightly squished but it still hurt like crap.

  We were meant to get the metro but it was lashing rain. Despite the rain some girls still wore shorts (thankfully I didn’t ,I would of died). Juan got us a bus as a treat just for the way up to the Sagrada Familia ( thank you so much!) We were saved from being completely drenched. We then all ran in the rain to get in but we had to wait in the rain while we got our tickets and bags searched. We did get soaked but not as much as we would of been if we didn’t get the bus. We tried to huddle under a shelter but the it didn’t exactly do much because it was just planks of wood with gaps. All our hoodies got drenched and we had to carry around the wet hoodies inside the building and on the tour.

The Church was amazing. It had such beautiful architecture and it was so detailed. The tour was interesting we had each a headset and an Ipad between three.  We first got introduced in a small room and watched a video of how the building is meant to look when finished. We walked around the museum and the main building and outside and got to do games on the Ipad and watched videos. We sadly were there during a rainy day so we only got to see the lights shine through the windows which made it green but in sunny days and evenings it shines red. The guide was lovely and she talked about Irish movies she liked and asked us about Ireland. We then gave back our headsets and went back to the bus and got dropped off at the metro station.

We then went shopping for a couple of hours in las arenas shopping centre and got some lunch and food to take home to the rooms. We shopped for ages and got new clothes in penneys because the ones we had were soaked from earlier we then finally got tired and sat next to a overpriced icecream stall and chatted with friends. We went back to the accommodation charged up our phones and then  we went back  in town and got some dinner at lovely chinese buffet called Dimsum we had so much food their. The food was delicious I got sushi,prawns,garlic potatoes,chicken and beef chow mein and rice. Then for dessert I got a real watermelon along with sugary watermelon sweets. (Can you tell I love my food) 🙂

We had time to walk around for awhile then took the metro to the Magic Fountain. We spent a couple of hours their and we watched breakdancers and got to walk down and look at the smaller fountains which were beautiful then got to see the magic fountain where a 15min show was on loop the colours were beautiful and their was so many tourists there and people selling stuff. It was a lovely atmosphere and the weather picked up quite a bit. We then got the metro home it was quite a long metro journey to the university from the fountain but it was made fun (We got off at mundet I think it was). Oh and their was also really cool vending machines near the metro it was massive the size of a wall with doughnuts, lighters and so much more random stuff in it. I was pretty disappointed I didn’t get anything from it because I was to paranoid to take out my purse.

Juan took selfies and made us laugh on the way up and on the way back on the metro he beat my highscore on piano tiles by miles and I got pretty competitive trying to beat him again…I still haven’t. We got back and said goodbye and thanks to Juan for being such a wonderful guide (Our Juan and only Juan)…it was his last day guiding us he had other stuff to do back home. Then all went to our rooms and messed around,got showered and chatted for hours until we fell asleep. 


The Sagrada Familia is taking longer to build than the great ancient pyramids and Gaudi was not the original architect of the Sagrada Familia , Paula del Villar first began its works.

Barcelona had a great metro system but they have 12 ones that have been abandoned over the years and they are said to be haunted…So if I ever go back I need to go see these places if possible! 😀 ❤

What would you most like to do if you went to Barcelona?:)


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