St Patrick’s Day was eventful.


I’m back again. How’s everyone? πŸ™‚

I keep putting of making blog posts when I have the time. I end up watching endless hours of youtube videos or listening to the same songs on repeat.

But hey, heres a quick update of how my Paddys day went.

Okay so If you don’t already know I am Irish. So on Thursday it was St Patricks day. NOT SAINT PATTYS DAY!. I had possibly the best paddys day so far. I was up pretty early and got ready for the day. Then a couple of friends and I went out and walked in the parade.

We dressed up in big mascot costumes. We were those life size mascots walking around in the parade. I was the minion. My friends were mickey mouse, minnie mouse and hello kitty. It was a surprisingly good day. Despite being so hot in the suit and almost feeling as if I was going to suffocate a couple times.

My friends costumes had heads they could take off easily. Mine was a full body suit where I could not take of the head to breath. I could see the least of the lot. I had to hold my friends hand the entire time just so I could make my way along with the parade.

I was poked several times by flags in the bum by the kids walking behind us. I was also hugged a lot by little kids which was adorable. I high fived and waved at them all going down the main street. Also my minion dungarees kept falling down. The poor children had to see a flash of naked minion body a few times. (scarred for life)

Kids can be crazy rude but funny at the same time. While being poked in the bum several times and pushed about a bit. There was also the odd kids shouting ‘Your not real’ and ‘Minions aren’t girls’ at me. :’) Eh-hem…I pretty much proved a minion can be a girl πŸ˜› Β My friends also got some nasty comments thrown at them and were poked in the bum by little boys. Such as one kid who shouted at my friend in the hello kitty costume ‘Are you really that desperate for money, I can see your hair at the back off the suit’. Rude much :’)

None the less it was amazing paddys day and The first time I really enjoyed walking in the parade. After we done the march we got to stop and take a breather. Then we put the suits back on and walked back to a car to get our clothes and shoes. We stopped quite a bit to take photos with kiddys and adults along the way. We gave the suits back and then time to enjoy the rest of the day.

We went through the town and met up with a couple more friends. We went to the carnival and got on the terminator and the bumper cars. I slayed in the bumper cars…watch out I am a bumper car queen. After the rides we were all hungry so we took bathroom breaks and got ice cream from an ice cream van. I got a Knickerbockerglory which was to die for ❀ We walked through the town and messed about the rest of the evening. It got pretty cold out and we had to run on the spot for warmth. We got pizza, udon ,chips and sweetys and sat outside in the cold eating them which was oddly enjoyable….the food took longer than expected to get because of how packed ever were was. Had a lot of laughs during the night despite freezing our bums off.

Sooooo Β St Patricks day in the end was a pretty damn good one.


I hope everyone had a great day!:)

Bye again πŸ˜›

How did you celebrate the day? If you don’t celebrate it what did you do ?


15 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day was eventful.

      1. I didn’t really celebrate it, although I should, because I’m a 1/4 Irish. But my Dad took my Grandpa (who was born in Belfast and lived there ’til he was 16) out for a beer at the Irish Pub:)

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  1. well you certainly proved that there’s no gender roles when it concern minions . You are a freaking adorable minion . And I’m so happy to read that you focused on the positivity instead of letting the rude little kids ruin your day . I never walked in a parade but that seem really cool and i would have killed to spend such a cool day with my friends πŸ™‚

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    1. Yass aha why thank you^-^ yush I tried aha thankies, ive done it a couple times but this eas the most fun time, if you ever have the chance you should try it, awh well hoping touve a good day with your friends soom😊

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