Wow …just wow!:D

100 followers, I never even thought I would get anywhere near that many. Thank you to everyone of you who decided to follow my weird little corner of the internet. It means so much to mean I can’t even express in words how much it means. You are all so lovely and I am so thankful, it’s crazy.

It feels just last week I was excited that one person read my blog and followed it. Yikes time is a crazy thing. I am so so soooo thankful! 🙂

Super shocked to think that many people came across my  blog. Now that theirs seems to be so many it’s kind of nerve racking. I feel like I should be doing my post differently or something?.

Like do I post to much? Do I post too little?. How often should I post stuff…once a week? …everyday?….Is more than one post a day to much?….Is it okay if sometimes I go weeks without posting and then randomly return with a spam of random ramblings? :’)

I am now worrying more about limits on my blog. Like I noticed the other day that the version of wordpress I am using is the free on. So I just have 3GB of storage for my blog?. How do I check how much I have left????. What am I going to do if I run out?

This was just a quick and easy post. To say a big thank you to everyone. 😀 I love and appreciate you all so much. (cheese cheese cheese …why megan :’) )

Also I was also nominated by Grace 🙂 (Thank you again!!!,everyone go check out her blog.) to do the Versatile blogger award again but I am way to lazy and haven’t got the time to do it tonight …and I have run out of facts about myself for now:’)

That’s that.

Thank you’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀





65 thoughts on “WOW!

  1. How could you be surprised to have 100 followers!!!? Your blog is awesome and deserves a hundred more! 😀 Congratulations though!!!! I’ll be seeing a 200 followers post soon 😉

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