3 Days, 3 Quotes Challenge!



I surprisingly remembered to do this again today. If it wasn’t for my complete boredom during a class today I wouldn’t of remembered.

My quote for today is….

One persons craziness is another persons reality. -Tim Burton.

I choose this quote because I truly love Tim Burton and all his wonderful creations. He is a true genius and artist. His creativeness and personality inspires me in so many ways.

I like to think that something I see as absolutely crazy or out of the ordinary is another persons everyday reality. They could be doing things on a daily  basis that to me would be unusual but to them it is completely normal. Or even vice versa. Some complete stranger could examine the things I do and find them crazy and weird.

Also I find it fascinating the point that someone could be doing and  balancing so many things everyday and  can deal well and find it normal and not stressful at all… but to  another person it could be the most hectic and stressful thing and it could seem crazy to them that one can handle all this.

Then there’s peoples views on things when it comes to art. One person can look at a movie,show,painting,story etc and find it crazy and weird and pointless and to someone else it could be the most touching and fascinating thing they have ever laid eyes upon.

I kind of got distracted while doing this post. I am currently fighting the side of slytherin yet again against my friend from school. Harry Potter seems to be a serious addiction of mine lately, only after finishing the series the other day (movies not books sorry.)

What houses are you all in? ❤


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