The Dragons Loyalty Award x2 !:)


Award´s Rules:

•Display the award on your blog.
•Announce your win with a post and link the blogger who nominated you.
•Present 6 deserving bloggers with the award.
•Link your awardees in the post.
•Write 7 interesting things about you.

Okay So I have surprisingly been lucky enough to be nominated for this award twice!.I would like to say a massive thank you too dziey and EM FM for the nominations. They are both utterly amazing bloggers and You would seriously be missing out if you didn’t check out their blogs.

Here goes the not so interesting facts: 14 cause twice nominated?

  • I am a proud Slytherin.
  • I am Straight edge. So I don’t drink alcohol or do drugs.
  • I am sticking to my new years resolution of reading 30 books so far I have read 5.
  • My favourite book is now All my friends are superheroes.
  •  Louis Cole, Marilyn Manson, Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton, David Bowie and Amanda tapping are my idols and inspirations. (I have a couple more youtube ones but too lazy to list.)
  • I am going to Summer In the City in London this year!. (Excitement is real.)
  • I fail at musical instruments, I tried and failed learning Piano,Ukulele and Guitar….I sorta can play Tin whistle and Recorder.
  • I am already bored of writing about myself.
  • I am craving a milkshake right now.
  • I have never watched Star Wars….yet.
  • I have a Totoro and Stitch phone case.
  • I loved scooby doo, rugrats with a passion as a child.
  • I hate short texters (especially if I sent a long message.)
  • I am the most awkward human you will ever encounter.

That’s 14 I think? 😀 Nobody probably cares to read this but awell. I would like to nominate  anyone who reads this because I love learning new things about each and every blogger I follow and who follows me.


28 thoughts on “The Dragons Loyalty Award x2 !:)

    1. Okie lol well we shall be fails together:’)
      ahaha sure!,Aha I do that too often ..It’s so horrifying and embarassing…trying to make a sneaky get away but nope door doesn’t want that happening …neither does the school bags i tripped over on the way out either:’)

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      1. It’s because in 2014 I read 61 so it was a bit of a let down last year haha!!! Oh and Goodreads is a website where you keep check of your reading and can set a reading goal for the year with the yearly goodreads challenge.

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      2. Ohhh right I see,But it’s still an achievement !:) Like I doubt I read more than one book last year aha…oooh sounds intersting! Might get it if theirs an app or something:) thank you for telling me about it

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol:”) I did the original pottermore test once like the real one before they took it down and got slytherin😂 I got ravenclaw too before but the first one is meant to be the accurate one…its said everyone has abit of each house in them:”)

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