Too many Tabs open.


I decided I want to post something today and since I had no ideas today on what to post, I took out my notebook with random ideas for blog posts in it. I found a quick idea I wrote down ages ago about having too many tabs open at the same time on the laptop.

I assume I wrote it on one of those days where I spend hours upon hours on the internet from am to pm. Endlessly scrolling through every social media I have (Facebook,Instagram,Tumblr,Pinterest,Youtube etc.) having each open in separate tabs and along with that I probably have other tabs open for on-line shop browsing (where I usually buy nothing) and also random Google tabs where I’m searching the most weirdest random stuff that strikes my curiosity. I probably also had a Watchseries tab open loading an episode of one of my many TV shows I love.

I noted how annoying it is having so many tabs open at once. It makes your computer load slower than a turtle and snail racing. I also noted how irritating it is when you go through all your tabs and forget why you had some of them even open.

One of the most frustrating things is for me when I have so many tabs open is forgetting I had a basket made on some sites store. Then when I remember and go back to look what I added ( or if I’m lucky buy the stuff) I realise it’s been emptied because so many sites have a limit to how long you can have your basket open without paying before it empties itself. Which is such a pain.

Actually no the one most annoying and frustrating thing about having so many tabs open is when you hear music or an advert start to play. Like instantly you start to freak out. ‘OH MY GOD I HAVE LIKE A ZILLION TRILLION TABS OPEN! HOW AM I GOING TO FIND THE SOURCE OF THE NOISE?!’ You spend ages clicking through all the tabs scrolling around trying to find the source of the noise that has rudely interrupted you internet experience for the day. When you luckily find it and can easily mute or exit the tab hassle free, your filled with relief but then ….there’s the times where you just can’t find the source through all the tabs. You are left with no choice but to exit …EVERYTHING. Well you could just mute your volume but like then you couldn’t listen to music or watch a show without hearing that pesky add or whatever it is replaying or changing in the background. So you reluctantly close all your tabs in a huff.

I really don’t know why at the time I thought this would even make a blog post but …Hey!, it has 🙂

While writing this I just thought how I also have too many tabs open in my brain. Do ever just have so much going on in your head it feels overwhelming and it’s just all on top of you at the same time. It’s so many different things buzzing about. Sadly there’s no exit buttons to unwanted thoughts and confused emotions. No quick shut-off and solution for that. Awell  😀

still not sure why I wrote this. But hey it was more productive than starting a new TV show….now if you’ll excuse me I better go and finish watch Pinocchio (The k-drama not the Disney movie)…..bye bye productivity.


24 thoughts on “Too many Tabs open.

  1. I have sooo many tabs in my brain as well, especially at night when I’m trying to fall asleep! Sometimes it can get kind of overwhelming so I either blog about it or write a list of thoughts.

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  2. having too many tabs in my brain and my laptop together = yep. that describes me perfectly !! i wish we could close some tabs in our heads though. would really make our lives better. haha

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  3. At first I thought this was just a funny rant about the struggles of not knowing which tab a sound was coming from but I actually really liked that connection you made with having too many tabs open in your brain. It was a really interesting comparison. And I totally understand how you feel. I keep about 3 different journals along with this blog just so I can jot down said “tabs” and ease my mind a little bit lol. Cute blog btw!!

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