Life Is A Lovely Mess.


The metaphor ‘Life is like a roller-coaster’ , as cliché as it is. It’s pretty damn accurate.

Everyone has their ups and downs in life. Life is a unbalanced scale. Everyone wants to find a perfect balance in their life between the good and bad moments. I personally don’t think its possible to have a constant perfect balance. Sure you can have it for some time , but nothing lasts forever. Happiness won’t last forever but neither will sadness or any other emotion for that matter.

Everyone strives to find their self and become better in life. Everyone want’s to feel content. We all want the feeling of pure peace,Zen and complete happiness.

In life we all grow and change. We find ourselves as we age and mature. We never remain the same, we are in a never-ending cycle of change. What we love,hate,dream etc. will all change as time passes. Their is always room and time for change.

Life can be absolutely hectic and chaotic. It can push us to our limits. It can knock us down. It can leave us feeling helpless and alone and feeling like utter crap…..

Then again life can Spectacular!. It can make you feel like your floating on happiness. It can make you glow with excitement and wonder. It can make you feel thrilled and fulfilled.

Nobody has it perfect all the time. Everyone has down moments in life. Especially when we least expect them and don’t want them. We feel like were stuck in a pit of misery.

Then again everyone has the chance to be happy and feel good. It just takes a change of balance to do that and you never now what change is going to happen.

Everyone has the capability to enjoy life and live.

It’s just a matter of time . You never know when life is going to take a turn for the better.

We all just have to sit it and out and see what life deals us. Sure we might get a crappy hand of cards but Heck! we could get a full house on the next deal 🙂

I am thankful for my many struggles in life and the many yet to come. Without the struggles and bad moments I wouldn’t of discovered my hope and my strength.

Hope is what keeps everyone going. Hope is one of the most important things in life, it’s the one thing that keeps us going. It gives us the chance to experience everything we can that life throws at us.

So that’s that, a  random ramble of my thoughts ..pretty much I think Life’s  lovely mess.

I could write a lot more about this topic but this is just my current stream of thought. It probably will change and I might share another  post similar to this in the future.







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