Weirdly nostalgic.


So I’m currently sat at my Grandads computer typing this blog post. It feels so strange. I haven’t used this computer in years!. To be honest I don’t even think my grandad has either. It’s all dusty and the mouse is stiff.

I feel weirdly nostalgic. I rember sitting on this computer when I was much younger. I would play silly little games like Club Penguin and Yoville (using my mothers facebook account of course because I wasn’t aloud my own.) I was so happy. It’s weird to think how much I have grown and how much has changed.

I was probally around 6 or 7. We would visit Dublin a lot more back then. I would always use this old desktop pc and sit in the corner of my Nanny and Grandads room. Like I currently am now. I would sit just like now. Squished,crossed legged into this old black leather swirly chair,with rips in the arm. Typing away and just being happy and slightly irritated by how uncomfortable this chair is and was. (It’s soft and all but I will never be used to sitting at a desk!)

I would spend hours on the computer getting off it every now and then (sometimes willingly,sometimes not…Hey, Club Penguin was important to me!) so my uncle and grandad could use it. Then as I grew older along with my eldest,younger brother I would have to give time to him on it also.

I was of course his influence to join the great weird world of the internet 🙂 (even though I doubt he will admit it).

Also Internet explorer being my browser of choice back then. I am currently using it now,again for the first time in years. I have become so used to Google Chrome and Mozzila Firefox. This is such a odd feeling using it again. Not sure if it’s this dinosouar computer ,crap broswer or just the fact that this computer hasn’t had some love in awhile but It’s slow as heck!. (I am so impatient,I think this post has taken over 30 mintues to type and It’s not even done!.)

I don’t remeber it being this slow and annoying back then. Well I guess I didn’t know much better.

To think this old dusty thing  was what started my eternal love for the Internet. My neverending addiction to silly virtual worlds and online games. To social media and to my beloved youtube. This was the start of a huge part of my life and that’s pretty damn weird to think about.

If I had never been introduced to this computer by my grandad and uncle, what would I be like now?. Would I even be blogging?. Would I even use the internet?. These are pretty scary questions for me to think about because the internet is a huge part of my daily life.

Thanks to this computer my addiction to electronics has evolved. Because of this computer I have gone through many  a console. From nintendos,phones and playstations to even my own labtop!. Oh wow …this really feels weird writing this and thinking about this.

Uh oh!. Gotta go home now D:.

Bye computer. Think I might have a bit of editing to do on this post later.

Also the photo is of me,my nan and grandad when I was little :’)



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