Wait…Whattt! :O


Wow! …..So I have reached 50 frigging followers!:’)

Thank you so much to every single one of you lovely humans who were kind enough to follow my blog and to get me this far. It truly means more than you think to me.

I really appreciate all the support from everyone of you. You are all so nice and supportive and I really enjoy all of your blogs. You’s are all such inspirations to me and I can’t thank you all enough for sticking with me and being so nice.

When I started off blogging a two months ago I didn’t expect 3 people to follow or read this blog. But 50 people here now! ..Wow :’)


THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!:’) I am so grateful x πŸ™‚


Omg and this post is my 20th post:’) aha w0w



30 thoughts on “Wait…Whattt! :O

  1. i think everyone who starts blogging thinks at first nobody’s gonna follow them or read anything. I mean why would anyone read my posts ?
    but then they do and everyone here is just so nice.
    it really feels great.

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