2015 Blogger Awards. :)


I can already tell this post is going to take awhile to type xD       Linking blogs and choosing who to nominate is just way to darn difficult.

So recently a amazing blogger called theambivert came up with the 2015 blogger awards!:) Which is a pretty fantastic idea. It’s been taking over my entire reader which is amazing, It shows how connected and lovely each and every blogger is.

First of all I would like to say a huge thank you to the lovely ateenagediaryonline for nominating me for the newbie blogger award:) I am flattered and ever so grateful. I am indeed a newbie…as can be noticed by my terrible link skills and tacky photos.

(I don’t know why the photos a pumpkin. I carved it and it was the first photo in my gallery I hadn’t used yet,sorry? xD )

Ugh dang now for the hardest part nominations (And linking,lol)

I want to nominate everyone for everything cause every blogger I have met in this amazing corner of the internet is lovely and deserves an award. If only I could do that. For now I’m just going to nominate a couple because I don’t think it would be to fair on theambivert if I nominated the entire blogging community for everything:’)

Here goes….

  • Blogger of the year: Gahh I have to say  Em :’) She is just so amazing!
  • Blog of the year:  Have to say the one and only Elm !:)
  •  Kindest blogger: Omg what how can I pick just one?! I have to say theambivert because shes the kind person who created this award thing and is always there for everyone:’)
  •  Funniest blogger: Have to say londonblind cause come on..It’s obvious ..he is frigging fantastic! 🙂
  • Best photo taken: Obviously ateenagediaryonline like have you seen her photos?!?:)
  • The blogger gives the best advice: Have to go with  itsemiwee !:)
  • The newbie: Have to say my new blogging  friend Reet 🙂
  • Prettiest blog: Have to say happyalexblog cause look how gorgeous her blog is!:)
  • The helper: theisitjustmeblog because they were one of the first ever people to help me with my blog along with londonblind :’)
  • Most optimistic blogger:  sincerelyreine cause her blog always feels optimisticy…I know that’s not a word but still :’)

Okay wow that was stressful…..I really want to nominate so many more people D:






29 thoughts on “2015 Blogger Awards. :)

  1. Stop stop stop I’m going to like hyperventilate if you be that nice one more time. My blog is so ugly, but seriously this nomination means so much. There is so many amazing blogs running for that award, that actually have nice themes, so I know I won’t win but it really isn’t about that and it just means so much that someone has thought about my blog and nominated me and okay okay I’M FINE IT’S ALL GOOD HERE

    Ps. thank you so much!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Aw thank you so much, it honestly means so much and gives me so much more confidence. I love the style of your blog too, you have such a gift with photography and I love the font in which you write in.

        Liked by 1 person

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