Sleeping Pattern.



My sleeping pattern lately has become a lot better than it used to be. I have a normal..ish sleeping pattern. Now that it’s Christmas eve I wonder if it will change back to how it used to be.

I used to stay up all night on the internet or binge watching TV shows on showbox until my eyes burned with tiredness. During Summer I used to stay up all night on Skype call until it was bright outside. Then I would sleep in on weekends to about 4 o’clock  in the day. Which at the time I didn’t mind to much but now looking back at all the time I wasted sleeping, when I could of been out doing something or getting work done.

Now my patterns beginning to get normal again. I go to bed on school nights around 10 or 11. Then I wake up with my alarm at 6.50am…a lot of the time I even wake up before my alarm naturally (Which is sometimes annoying but sometimes great because I can get any work I forgot to do done).  Then on the weekends I do be so exhausted I go to bed not too late either. I sometimes go to bed around 12 sometimes 2am. Either way I still get up no later than 10. Sometimes I wake up at 8am which is weird because I feel left with nothing to do was my whole family and my friends are all still sleeping soundly. I get way more hours of sleep than I used to.

Despite all the sleep I get I still feel constantly drained and tired which is weird but I manage to pull through till the end of the day and then  I collapse and fall asleep most days. I get days where I still will be tired but I can’t seem to get to sleep. It’s annoying. My eyes will be stinging of tiredness but I can’t sleep. Whether it be from my constant over thinking and making up scenarios that will never happen in my head or just for no reason at all.

I wonder if  I will be like I usually am on Christmas eve tonight. Will I be to excited to sleep?. Will I just be as tired as usual and fall asleep the same time as always?. Will I get up early as heck and wake up my family like I usually do? or will I sleep in until about 10? I know its only 12.30 in the day but I can’t help but wonder now because of my new sleeping pattern.

I am pretty proud and happy with my new sleeping pattern. I like being up early and actually seeing the day. It’s weird I was so used to the night…the day  sometimes feels unfamiliar. I like seeing the sunrise instead of set. It’s a nice change.

Only problems are.

1) I have wayyy to much time to overeat food out of boredom. I keep eating because I’m bored and not because I’m hungry.

2) I miss the quietness of the night time and the alone time it brings.

3) I miss staying up late and talking to the one person, I actually wanted to talk to and  I knew that was awake at that time on Skype.

4) I miss my dreams. I used to dream way more when I slept during the day for some reason.

Going back to school is what I think changed my sleeping pattern so much. It consumes so much time. It requires a half healthy pattern of sleep. I am glad to have it changed but it also meant I stopped having time to  talk to someone I used to to talk a lot (which sucks)  and I now spend more time doing reports and work than catching up on TV and youtubers (Which is also sucks) I miss having the time to do those things. I used to do them at night. Now I can’t :’)

So yeah that’s a pointless post about my sleeping pattern. Thank you Christmas eve for bringing this random rambling thought to my mind. It’s odd how going back to school changed so much.

What’s your sleeping pattern like?

Do you get enough hours of sleep each night?

Do prefer the night or the day?

Hope everyone has a great Christmas eve and  Merry Christmas!:)x




10 thoughts on “Sleeping Pattern.

    1. Ah right well the good thing is your getting enough sleep 🙂 Ah well extra sleep during the day isnt alwaya a bad thing, more time for dreaming!:D Maybe after the holidays you could go to a normal sleeping pattern 🙂

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      1. When I try to go to bed earlier, I end up falling asleep at the same time I usually fall asleep :(. I’m going to try to take more afternoon naps/power naps next term though to catch up on sleep 🙂

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  1. This is so me !! I stay up all night and just when the sun rises i go to sleep. then i keep sleeping the whole day. i don’t know if there’s anything wrong with this. most of my classes are in the evening, so i really don’t have anything to keep me awake. but not following a normal routine gets irksome. Like when you have to sleepover. All my cousins sleep at night, and i’m just staring at the ceiling. and in the mornings they’re fresh and i am literally falling over and tripping because my eyes are half closed.
    if you have any tips, help me please. i want a normal routine too

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    1. Okie dokie well good toknow someone else has simmilar pattern^-^ luckily about the class times, oh gosh that would be annoying being bored for ages…hmmm maybe just try force yourself into a new pattern like sleep early like go into bed at 9 and try sleep beforr 11? And then wake with alarms about 10 ? …and if you find it difficult to sleep just try lavender and relaxing smells ^-^ lol

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      1. smells ? wow. that’s new. i’ll definitely try that. but it is so hard to fall asleep when i just woke up at 4 pm ! i hope i can fix it. thanks

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