Coping methods.


Not really sure how to go about this post. It’s hard putting some things into words.

So Hi there!, as you probably know or don’t my names Megan. I have anxiety. I have always had it to an extent but I never recognised it for what it is until I was around 12 ( I’m 15 now).

Anxiety effects so many people, in so many different ways. Anxiety can effect anyone at any age. It’s hard to put into words what Anxiety is because it has so many different affects and happens for so many different reasons.

I want to make a post about the topic and my experience with it and how it effects my life. But not today, that’s for another post.

I know so many people have anxiety. I know how horrible it can be and how crap it makes you feel physically and mentally. I know how it can drain you emotionally and can stop you from doing so many things.  I know it leads to horrible panic attacks amongst many other things.

For now I just want to share some of the coping methods I learned that help me stop panic attacks and to calm my anxiety (They DON’T always work but their worth a try as they have helped me).

  1. If you feel a panic attack coming on or your starting to feel anxious in your head count to 20 and think ”Okay this panic attack has 20 seconds to come over me and if it doesn’t happen in that time it isn’t going to happen”. (I have been using this a lot recently thanks to watching Bressies a lust for life video.)
  2. Keep your feet and palms flat out. Keep palms resting flat on your lap and keep feet flat on the floor. This helps you feel stable and balanced.
  3. Listen to music with headphones in. Any type you like that relaxes you. Just put it up as loud as you want and drown everything around you.
  4. Play with something and distract yourself. Twist your ring,mess with your hair or necklace. 
  5. Step outside and away from the situation. Fresh air does a lot of good.
  6. Talk to someone and tell them how you feel. They might even be nice and help distract you and get out of the situation.
  7. Sing your favourite song in your head or count. Just keep your mind occupied and distracted.
  8. Daydream. Drift of to dreamland and think of happy daydreams and think back on happy moments in your life. Think back to times you overcame your anxiety before.
  9. If you need to deal with physical pain and sickness. Talk to your doctor and they might recommend some painkillers to help (only resort to this if desperately needed and if your doctor thinks its a good idea.)
  10. Write down what your feeling on a memo on your phone or in a notebook. Or write a story or make up a poem,song  or anything on the spot.
  11. Just breath. Slowly in and out. Focus on your breathing only and watch your chest rise and fall.
  12. Look through photos on your phone. Remember happy moments you have had through the pictures. (The photo attached to this post is one I took in Rome and it makes me very happy to think back to that holiday, because on the holiday I had a great time and I managed to deal with my anxiety quite a bit.)

That’s some tips for dealing with anxiety and panic attacks. They have all worked for me in the past. They may not work all the time but they are always worth a shot.

Always remember you are not alone and its okay to ask for help. Speak to someone whether it be a parent,friend or someone on-line.

I hope this helped someone.

Have you any tips on how to stop anxiety and prevent panic attacks?

Thanks for taking the time to read this:) x



17 thoughts on “Coping methods.

  1. You know what, you’re fantastic. I can tell – you ALWAYS help people. You do your best and that’s fantastic. I have no tips, because I don’t suffer from anxiety, but what you’re doing – helping people – is wonderful.


  2. I don’t have anxiety and I never have had it but one of my best friends has it and it’s horrible. It stops him doing so many cool things like going on school trips and going to parties where there are lots of people.

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    1. Well glad that you don’t have it I wouldn’t wish it on anyone……oh gosh I know how your friend feels! It really is horrible how anxiety does that to people. I just hope their learning ways to cope and are pushing through and trying new things even with anxiety.. its always best to try and overcome it as much as possible

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      1. Well it really feels diffrent for everyone and depends on how it was triggered…For me mine usually result in me feeling trapped and confined in one place and not able to move. I feel my chest tighten and my heart races I also get like hot and cold at the same time like im either extremely hot or shivering cold. I also feel sick to the point where I need to get out of the situation because I need to go to the bathroom and be sick. I also can not sit still I squirm and move alot. I just cant find a comfortable position to be in. My mind races with so many bad thoughts and I freak out and start to cry and shake. They feel truly horrible

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  3. Hey Megan, my name is Camila and I too am an anxious person. This is a really good post I believe that it is good to talk about anxiety. Most people who are anxious don’t even realize that they are or they underestimate what being anxious is. It is not a state that goes away… it’s the chemicals in our brain that are messed up.
    You’re coping methods are really good actually, some of them I do myself. My personal favorite is thinking to yourself that it’s ok to feel this way and that there’s nothing wrong with you, nor there is anything that will hurt you.
    A merry Christmas to you!

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    1. Hey its nice to meet you Camila!:) thank you so much, I agree completely with you. Sadly true if only it could permently go away. Thank you, I like that one too! 🙂 thank you merry christmas to you too!🎄

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