A Very Blogger Christmas! :)


I would like to say a massive thank you to DauntlessDream for nominating me to do this!:)

It’s going to be difficult to pick who I think best suits each question:’)


  • Answer all the questions.
  • Change a question you don’t like
  • Nominate 5 people
  • Let them know you nominated them


  • Who would take the best photos?
    Hmmm probably distortedframe!:) His photos are so frigging amazing, he truly is a amazing photographer.
  • Who would look the most glam?
    I think glitterfulthoughts Would be best suited for this. Like have you seen her blog ???it’s everything glam and pretty! 😀
  • Who would keep everybody awake and happy?
    Hmm hard to pick but I have to go with charliiandmegsblog because there both such lovely girls and I feel they would make everyone happy.
  • Who would make the worst Christmas jokes?
    Gahh uhh Not sure who to say for I never heard a Christmas joke….
  • Who would be the last one dancing?
    I think happyalex would be the last one dancing, not sure why to be honest I just think she would be one to be a happy and good dancer.
  • Who would be in charge of Christmas music?                     Definitely the creator of this tag ateenagediaryonline because have you seen her Christmas playlist? Its perfect as heck and she has great music taste anyways!:’)
  • Who would make the best snowman?
    I think sunshinecraving would win this award, I feel they would be creative and their snowman would come out looking pretty damn fab!
  • Who is most likely to knock over the Christmas tree?
    I have to say myself for this….I may have knocked over a tree or two in my life. (almost knocked mine over today)


  1. bewilderedhearts
  2. sincerelyreine
  3. happyalexblog
  4. charliiandmegsblog
  5. lifeofblind

You should check out every blog linked on this post! They are all truly amazing bloggers:’)

Hope you all have a very merry christmas, Just  a couple hours left 😀

Also have any of you had insomnias hazel nut hot chocolate? I am addicted to it so much its like heaven in a mug.:’)



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