Musical Moments ♡

Okay, so I do this odd thing and I was wondering if anyone else does it too :”)  ..well I do a lot of unusual things but this just springs to mind right now.

Am I the only one who thinks of random songs in their head at random moments  in time. Like it could the most boring or exciting moment and suddenly its like a musical moment. In your head you imagine a backing track or something like that, that makes the moment musical?😂

It’s sort of like turning life into a movie montage in a unusual way. Like you imagine a moment in time the same as it is, just with a bit of music playing in your mind.

Yeah, wow I think I may be crazy. I am probally the only human that does this.

Also when someone says something that reminds you of a song. Like they could accidentally say something and it might sound slightly like a lyric from a song and it makes the song stuck in your head. (Like someone deciding they want to have a lazy day makes me instantly think of bruno mars lazy song).

Or even just things and stuff you see makes you think of a song. Like the sound of the rain ( I think of doddleoddles song rain) or the sound of diggers and machinery ( I think of bob the builder theme song). Just random little weird things like that.

Oh and another musical moment trigger for me is looking at a photo. For exsample the photo atatched to this post is a photo I took when I went on a school trip to Killary. It’s during the 20k hike we did as part of our Gaisce challenge. Looking back at it now I can’t help but think of the proclaimers song 500 miles 😂.

I’m not sure but in the moment I was possibly thinking of the rocky theme song because I was trying to make myself keep going and not give up ….or my mind was just blank from exhaustion.

Yeah so that’s that.
A weird as heck insight to the many happenings in my mind.
What’s your fav songs? Have you any moments like this☺😂


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