Horoscopes accuracy.

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Horoscopes and how accurate they are have always intrigued me. A lot of people judge another persons character depending on the astrology sign. I am guilty in some cases but I do think they can me wrong.

Personally I am a Libra and I have had many the completely inaccurate horoscope. Then again I have had a scary accurate reading also. Each sign has said to have their own traits both good and bad. Some may match up perfectly to you but they also may be the complete opposite, but a lot of the time we have to admit it’s possible the signs traits can be true but we refuse to admit it.

Libras are said to be Diplomatic Graceful, Peaceful, Idealistic, Hospitable people but there also said to be Superficial, Vain, Indecisive and Unreliable people. Personally I agree with my Air sign as a Libra. I have a tendency to be all those things. All depending on the day and my mood.

Libras are said to be at their best when with people and work well with other people and are said to be good communicators and overall confident but to me that is really the opposite I find it awkward and uncomfortable a lot of the time with others and I personally like being alone. I do like being in other people’s company but I can be perfectly happy alone too.

They can be independent, they have the intelligence and the full capability within but would a Libra rather co-exist/depend on others which I find in my case true cause I can be lazy like my sign reminds me.

‘Libras love excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual. They make friends with people from all walks of life and they are always up to something new and exciting with enthusiasm. Libras are great at getting along with people, everyone likes a Libra’. I agree that Myself as a libra wants these things and wants adventure but despite wanting it, it isn’t necessarily accurate, I often am stopped by anxiety when it comes to adventure and talking and getting along with new people. I am different and yet I get along with people I also have different opinions and like a lot of different things to others. Not everyone would like me as a Libra. (Oh and I do love unusual stuffs.)

Libras are not always the confident social butterflies they are said to be. Libras are said to be the glue that holds friendships and groups together but not necessarily because my opinions tend to differ a lot and that doesn’t always turn out well in group situations.

Libras are said to open minded and it is said that nobody can meet another person’s point of view better than a libra which I agree with completely, despite having different views and opinions I am open minded and up for meeting everyone’s point of views.

Libras are said to be lazy when it comes to hands on stuff and I do agree when it comes to a lot of sports and physical exercise but I do not agree when it comes to business and creative projects. I love to do hands on creative stuff , even though I may not be the best at art.

Libras are said to best at idea making and creativity but not necessarily carrying out the work and struggles of it. We are said to not be able to do work even if we set our minds to it but I can and have been able to do so.

Libras are said to be very self centered which I must agree to slightly but I do definitely care for others…a lot…sometimes I fell maybe a bit too much. I think everyone should be respected and treated fair and I would fight for anyone not just myself which people tend to think Libras wouldn’t do.

We are said to not want anything bad enough to fight for it, but we will and can and there is a lot of things I personally would fight for, for everyone, not just myself.

They are also likely to hide or bend their own true feelings in order to bring peace with a group and to make others like them. Sometime this results in them not really knowing what their true feelings are because they are trying to make everyone happy. Other people can see this and Libras have earned themselves a reputation for being indecisive, they simply do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings or cause disorder or friction in a situation, which I agree with. This spills over inside the person and many times, Libras have difficulty making decisions.

Inside, the Libra is very insecure, they suffer from a lack of self confidence, they are always searching for something to complete them. This is said to be why they are social butterflies as they are said to be trying to find their missing piece through others but I disagree that personally makes me the opposite of a social butterfly.  

Libras don’t really know who they are inside. Libras are said to desperately need love and approval which I agree, they will do the favors that people ask and and have a hard time saying ‘no’ or ‘I’m too busy’ in order to prove how nice they are, this gradually builds up resentment and negative self esteem issues inside. Which I agree with in a way.

Libra’s indecisiveness is said to be caused by fear, their fear that a wrong decision will make everything come crashing down around them and cause turmoil in their lives which I also agree with this a lot…I personally fear the future and the unexspected.

Life is not like that and it is said that once a Libra acknowledges the fact that life has ups and downs they will be less emotionally wound up, not so hard on themselves and as a result, they will be a much happier person. I agree with this also. I think this applies to anyone though no matter their sign.

What’s your sign?
Is it accurate for you?


11 thoughts on “Horoscopes accuracy.

  1. This has inspired me to do a post about my star sign! In terms of being ‘adventrous’ that could mean thinking differently, and breaking barriers phycologically and not just physcially. Really interesting post btw, well done ❤

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