It finally feels like Christmas!🎄


I put up the tree on friday ^-^ I didn’t really think it felt like christmas untill I put up the christmas tree.

I can be a proper grinch when it comes to christmas. I’m one of those people who complain about putting up your three to early. I complain about halloween hardly being over, because I just love Halloween. I complain about the overplayed christmas songs. I complain about how early shops let our their christmas stuff. I Just complain a lot.

Buuuuutt.. now it feels like christmas. I’m now really frigging excited for christmas. I can’t wait to be out of school for awhile. I can’t wait to give my friend their gifts. I can’t wait for christmas food and pigging out. I can’t wait to laze about for awhile watching christmas movies (and hopefully finish watching the harry potter flims). I want to listen to cheesy and cheerful christmas music on repeat. All because it feels like christmas now.

It’s odd that putting up my cluttered, colorful, lobsided christmas tree by myself (well mam helped with the lightsπŸ˜‚) made me so excited for christmas. I also wrapped my friends gifts in monsters inc wrapping paper because I am that childish. My poor wrapping skills also show my inner child.

So yeah everyone…IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!!πŸŽ„πŸŽ„πŸŽ„

I know to a lot of yous reading this, yous have felt the christmas spirt long before me…. I realise I’m late on the christmas spirit, sorry.

When did/does the christmas feeling hit you? What makes you most excited about christmas?.πŸŽ„


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