Storms and Rain.


Wow, I really can’t think of a titles.

Okay…Well yet again. I’ve neglected posting yet again. I Just never have the time to post and when I do I either procrastinate or lack inspiration.

So lately the Uk and Ireland have been having quite a few storms lately. Which sucks because of all the bad effects its having like, really bad flooding and accidents etc.

So far the storms have been names storm Abigail,Barney and Clodagh and the storms names to come are going to be called names such as Desmond,Eva and Imogen. Their being named after the alphabet. Just read online M is going to be Mary , dang no storms named after me.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t like the storms. It is truly horrible the effects it’s having and the damage it’s causing. But I must admit I do love a good storm.

I love listening to the rain. I loveeee being in the wind. (That is if im not going somewere, where my hair needs to be okay:”) ) I also like going on walks after the storms set. Like the photo I took attacthed to this post is from when I was walking with my friend by the river. The rivers risen so high It has covered the pathway and has filled the arch. I took this awhile ago so now its even higher!.

The rains great too.( Dodie clarks song rain plays in my head❀). Just not when I need to go to school or I need my hair to stay straight.

I Straighten my hair every day and the rain and wind doesn’t help. Rain turns me into a complete wavey,puffy, frizzball!πŸ˜‚

I Just decided to post this because I lack inspiration but I wanted to post something.

Hows everyone going?. What do yous think about the weather and hows it where your from?.
Also I hope everyones staying safe and sound from the storms.


16 thoughts on “Storms and Rain.

  1. I love how I even live in England (near London) and I don’t even know there’s been storms going on…shows how much I keep up with the news! XD I think it’s so cool how storms are named…helps them keep track I guess!

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  2. starts singing ‘why do people complain? There’s nothing wrong with the rain. It washes everything away. Clearing my mind, I’m no longer blind so i can seeeeeee, so i say rain, rain harder. I want to see lightening I want to hear thunder…’ i could go on. I really like the vibe of your account, it’s so cool x


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