Car Journeys with the family.


Curently cramped in the back of my Dads car. It’s your average size five seater car I guess. Yet me and my brothers are stuck squished into the back. The babys car seat takes up most of the room then theres me, a close to fully grown teenager and my brother a awkwardly tall and boney pre teen. We are too close for comfort.

Outsides rainy and dreary. The window looks pretty cool.( photo attached is mine) It’s foggy and the rains trickling down. Inside the car is your average drive with my family. A crying two year old. Me and my brother elbowing and shuffleing trying to get comfy. My dad cursing at every other driver on the road but himself and my mam trying to calm the chaos. My brother and I will both find comfort then we will go around a bend and ill be smashed into the door and he will flatten me. Or he will go into the car seat and ill squash him. We just can’t win. Espcially the leg room situation. We both have long legs and there isn’t room for them both in the one side behind the driver seat.

The heat in the cars pretty warm. Thankfully not as stuffy as usual. (Almost at our nans now! Yay getting out of the car soon)

Car journeys with my family are never great. We aruge alot about space and who picks the radio station,Who gets the window seat etc. But I guess it could be worse. I now just listen to music on my earphones (currently ballad of mona lisa.. panic at the disco..woop woop).

Okay here now ….going to continue the post inside.

Currently now in my nans house:)

Glad to be out of the car. My mam is so lucky to get to sit in the passenger seat she has plenty of leg room. Dreading the drive home later…..Ugh.

I havn’t posted in awhile. I’ve been pretty busy with school and stuff. I had blog ideas but I forgot most of them. I should write more down. I love reading other peoples blogs. If anyone is new to this too or could recommend some cool blogs I’d really appreciate it. πŸ™‚ Hope everyones well aha.^-^


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