Spinning merrily round and round.
Joyus smiles fill a dreary town.
Kids grin wide flashing,snowy whites.
The time escapes into the exciting night.

Up and down on the carousel poles.
When will it stop nobody knows.
The children keep spinning as the parents cameras flash.
When does this carousel stop?,nobodys thought to ask.

Its been some time now.
The twinkly lights are just too bright.
That melodic tune is becoming overused.
I think it should stop before my eardrums pop.
When will it stop and let the kids off.

We wait some more for the ride to stop.
The horses keep floating without their hooves going clop.
It’s a magic ride, because the kids grins are still stretching wide.
Although the parents eyes are becoming tired.
The youngesters smiles are only getting wider.

This needs to stop.
It has to stop now.
This is becoming creepy.
The childrens giggles, oh wow.

There stuck in a trance.
It still hasn’t stopped.
The other parents now seem to be lost.
They stare on, cameras still flashing.
There eyes staring passed, a sense of what’s going on is what there lacking.

How come I’m not lost in the trance.
I better act quick,before the carousel owners click.
I jump onto the spinning machine.
The lights growing brighter the machine starts to steam.
Its spinning faster and faster, this is wicked and mean.

Im trapped, what now.
My feet seem to be glued.
The machines moving faster and yet I can’t move.
The machine slows down.
I look around.

There isn’t a single sound in the town.
The children hop of.
The parents have dissapeared.
The town is’nt the same now.
It’s darker. It’s weird.

Here you go, a silly,crappy boring poem I wrote just now out of boredom and tiredness. This is my photo.
It’s a pretty pointless poem that makes no sense. This is myΒ  6/7am brain ramblings.


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