What Lies In Louis Cole’s Dreads?.

Louis Cole is a British Film-maker and YouTube Video blogger (A vlogger).

He is well known for his magnificent dreadlocks. He started off on YouTube with his channel  ‘FoodForLouis’. He would eat animals and strange unusual things. He has now taken down his videos and now posts on his channel ‘FunForLouis’. Where he encourages viewers to “Peace out, enjoy life and live the adventure”. He travels around the world to many different places all over the world. He video blogs (vlogs) his adventures along the way.

All the places he has been and all the amazing things he as done makes me wonder. What could be caught up in his dreadlocks. He went from living at home with his parents to living in a homeless squat. There he made some great friends and went to live with them all in a rented house. They had a house where they had a room full of plastic balls, a huge ball pit in their house!(Like how awesome would that be). For his twenty first birthday he decided to buy a minibus and drive around Europe with 8 of his good friends. This was the trip that started his love for adventure.

He then went on to buy a double decker school bus. He revamped it with his two friends who where kicked out of their homes.  They named it the Boom Bus. They went on many adventures with this bus. They had a lot of fun and met a lot of new people along the way. They ran projects on the bus to fund it and keep it going. They would have bus parties on the weekends to fund it also. People would come on to the bus and they would have an amazing sounds system and it would be a brilliant party.

Louis’s popularity grew and he began to go on bigger and wilder adventures to other places all around the globe with all the new friends he made. He and his dreadlocks are quite travelled.

He is on a life long  journey to have as many adventures as possible. He is constantly heading somewhere else. He has been to so many places India, Canada, Los Angeles, Japan, Egypt, Uganda, Australia, New Zealand, Kenya, Eastern Europe and all over America. He has been all over the world. He is still travelling all over the world on a daily basis.

The amount of tiny particles and dirt that are possibly collected in his dreads is unlimited. There could be sand from exploring the pyramids in Egypt, paint chips from museums he has went to, dirt from trees he has climbed in many countries, sand and salt-water from the seas and oceans he has swam in.

There is a lot of murky water from the many hot-tubs he has been in.(Louis Loves his hot tub times dearly.) There is most likely Dirt and dust from beautiful places like Japan and New York. Mud and Muck from woodlands and forests he’s explored all over the globe. The amount of things that could be trapped inside his long dreadlocks is fascinating. If only we knew what really lies in the depths of Louis’ dreads. 

Oh and of course this photo isn’t mine, though I’d of love to of taken it myself  (like if I had the chance to meet Louis and take his photo,I would die from fangirling) aha:)


15 thoughts on “What Lies In Louis Cole’s Dreads?.

  1. I’m grinning like a total idiot right now. This is so much fun to read. If I ever meet Louis I shall ask him what lies in his dreadlocks. God, I wish I could be him. His life is so inspiring and exciting! Xx

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