The Joys Of Being Sick!


Can you sense the sarcasm in the heading?… Well it’s probally pretty obvious that i’m sick.

Lucky me has mangaged to get my asthma again. I always get it this time every year. From about September to like March, I’ll have quite bad asthma on and off. I will have the croup. To me I like to call it the donkey cough.

I call it the donkey cough because when I cough and I sound like a donkey sometimes. Then theres other times where I will cough and I will sound like a barking dog. It hurts alot to cough,which annoys me alot.

I also get, Espcially right now. Is one of things I hate most about being sick…. Blocked noses. Like having a sore throat and a constant cough isn’t bad enough. I have to have a blocked nose along with it. I do feel a lingering need to sneeze a lot and it feels like the tip of my nose is being weighed down with led or something. I hate blocked noses with a passion. The constant stuffyness and sniffleing makes me feel like I’m trapped ,working in a bittery cold santas workshop.

Despite having a blocked nose. I don’t see how but I always manage to get the oppsite too. A runny nose. Like how come being sicks so unfair and disgusting. Nobody asks to be sick. Why do we have to be cursed to dribble boogers from our nose, while having to tightly grip or conceal a roll of tissue close by. Along with all the other crappy symptoms we get

I seem to be loosing my voice also. So I don’t think I just have the croup. I probaly have a cold or flu along with it. My voice sounds croak and limp. I’m like a croaking frog or a very old man with a hella deep voice. My voice cuts on and off. I can’t raise my voice at all or try go up in pitch because I just go entirely mute. Although my familys probally glad of it. They have a break from my blabbering mouth for awhile… sort of.

I really dislike being sick. The chesty cough. The switchboard nose symptoms. The vanishing voice. The lingering sneeze. Amongst alot of other symptoms are a pain….. Oh andΒ  then theres the neverending complaining when I’m sick.

I complain alot. I moan a lot. I whinge a lot. I am the biggest baby when I’m sick. ( also when I’m not sick but moreso if I am) I constantly use my friends,mother and google as my doctors. I make sure to update and irritate as much as I can. What else can I do. I Just want to feel better aha. So yeah thats a rant about my curret sickness that’s being a total pain in my ass.

I already missed two days of school, last week being sick. I did miss alot. I don’t want to miss school as odd as that may sound. Hoping I am miraculously better by morning and I can go in.

There was probaly alot of too much information given. Awell…. I hope everyone else is having a nice day or night. If your sick I hope you get well soon.Β  ^-^ x


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