Amongst my blogs you will probally notice something. I tend to reuse stuff alot.

When I say this you probally think something like “oh she’s one of those enviromental lovers.” Nope. I don’t mean it like that.

I reuse alot of my posts. I could post something I wrote for an english class one day, or I could make up a poem on the spot or I could just rant whatevers on my mind. (Like right now).

I will also tend to reuse stuff and ideas I have read and heard somewere before. I will most likely use some creative writing prompts from pinterest or somewere else on the interweb.

I could use concepts I have taken from other blogs,posts or conversations I’ve had and make them my own.

So in that way I reuse alot. I reuse old idea and make them into something new or just keep them as they are.

In saying all that don’t get the idea in your head that I hate the enviroment,  cause I don’t. I try and reuse and help the enviroment to aha.


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