Is It To Late To Go Anon?…


I don’t know whether or not I  should have made this blog anonymous. Like I have reasons why I should of made it anonymous  and reasons I need it not to be. On one hand maybe it’s a good thing that this is out in the open. Like I did say in my first post that I am weird and I have to learn to entirely embrace it I guess?

Like this is sort of an in the open diary?, If I let it be. (Beatles song starts playing in my head), see stuff like that would make it like a diary. I do keep a diary but of course me being your average lazy teenager I keep writing less and less. I have started using technology more so than pen to paper. Writing each night gets tiring especially when I’ve had school or something on that just drained me. I don’t write enough of what I want to write.

I have so many Opinions on so many different things. I’m an opinionated person but I can be forgetful. My Minds constantly running with different ideas, thinking ”Oh I will write about this later” then when it comes to it I will forget as the pens in my hand…But ill remember a few minutes later with my phone in hand.

There is a lot of stuff I want to write about. I want to be able to write about ANYTHING I want. I just don’t feel entirely comfortable doing it. Like if anybody I knew in person read the blogs I want to post, I’d feel so uncomfortable.

Struggles of being a awkward, weird teen xD

Reasons I want to go Anon:

  1. I don’t feel entirely comfortable writing about anything I like.
  2. I am to scared to be judged by people in real life.
  3. I know how much embarrassment this blogs going to bring.
  4. Its easy to rant and regret using technology.

Reasons I need to stay Public:

  1. I need to face my fears more.
  2. maybe in the future I can become a journalist?
  3. I need to express my opinions out loud more?

13 thoughts on “Is It To Late To Go Anon?…

  1. It’s probably too late to go anon now, although you can edit your posted blog posts and remove the name, as well as changing your blig’s title and tag line, and your screen name. It’s up to you though; follow your gut instinct

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  2. I’m struggling with the same feelings. I’m nervous to not be anon, for all the reasons you gave, except at the moment I’m of the mindset that since I’m trying to be a) more comfortable with myself, b) more open about things in general and c) more open with my creativity, I shouldn’t mind that this is out in the open for everyone to see and read. I shouldn’t mind that people might judge me. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself..

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    1. I agree completely aha, looks like werr having the exsact same probl:) for now im going to stay open and see how long it can last..good luck to you and im here to support you if u need help


  3. Hmm. There’s always the option of creating ANOTHER blog. I think you might NEED to get your words out, and there’s nothing wrong with being anon. And you can have THIS blog to face your fears.

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