Dear Spelling and Grammar Police.


Dear spelling and grammar police.

I’m going to apologise in advance.

Many of the posts I submit here will contain horrible spelling and terribly bad grammar.

I am shockingly bad at correcting myself for spelling and grammar mistakes.

I’m not entirely sure how many mistakes I’ve made already in this post alone but there are most likely some.

So fair warning.

I suk @ splling nd grammer butt I try sumtimes.

So Uhhhhh, here is a crappy little poem I decided to make.

Spelling and grammar police.

Boy are you in for a treat.

I guess it time to kick back you feet.

Because this blog is far from neat.

You can make endless amounts of modifications to this site

But I’ll probably never get my grammar right.

My spelling will always be distressing.

So you’ll have endless mistakes to be addressing.

I’m sorry, I’m such a pest.Β 

Maybe one day I can ace a spelling and grammar test.


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