The Start Of Something Cringe Worthy.

12145472_729136413888027_837688863_n(1)Okay first post. I decided to start a Blog hoping in some way it would encourage me to become more of a creator. I want to be able to create something,anything really. Stuff Like story’s,poems and quotes. I want to be able to post photos of stuff that make me happy and share my opinions on various topics and things. I want to start being productive. I want to do something new and I think by sharing random ramblings and whatever I want on this Blog is a way to do so.

I am aware of how much I am going to embarrass myself by posting so much on-line and being so open to so many people. But,hey why not. I am naturally a extremely awkward and cringe worthy human. May as well let everyone know in advance how weird I am. So to anyone who ever reads anything on my Blog, enjoy reading my random crappy creative outbursts of cringeyness. I know myself I will definitely cringe along with you. I know I’m no amazing writer,poet,photographer or anything. I’m just your average annoying teenage girl with to many thoughts with a hope to find herself amid the ramblings and writings of whatever she wants.

Just this first post is already making me cringe….WOW…I’m Ducked.


27 thoughts on “The Start Of Something Cringe Worthy.

    1. Hi ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s no problem at all, I read each of your blog posts and I have to say i really loved them all!!:) thank you for looking at mine aha, thank you so much , hope you enjoy wordpress to ๐Ÿ™‚ to be entirely honest I am still so confused to how it works aha

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      1. Wow you went through all of them thank you so much you have no idea how much that means to me! And don’t worry i still get really confused as well… although I know how to like things and reply and I’ve realised that I can follow tags as well as bloggers! And if you go to stats it shoes you how your blogs are doing and how many reads etc. But I think I’m like a little baby pressing every button I see until I figure out what everything is! But I’m sure we will be unconfused soon!!

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      2. Yeah aha im glad it does, your a great writer:) oh wow….I havn’t even realised all that yet ..I hardly know if ive followed people i want to follow :’) I think ive followed you right? … its still pretty confusing all the different layouts on different blogs so confusing:) Thats pretty much me too aha, Yush hopefuly!:)

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      3. Haha yes you are following me and don’t worry you will get used to it. You have no idea how many nights I stayed up searching YouTube about how to work wordpress and how long it took me to actually find a useful video


      4. aha okay phew ๐Ÿ™‚ oh wow aha, thats actually a smart idea, i might resort to youtube soon..or I can just keep doing what ive been doing which is finding random blogs somehow through other blogs xD aha

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